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Use Google Analytics to its full potential through advanced tuition

The more experienced users of Google Analytics found some very useful tips in the sessions.”

Cait Mellow – Digital Content Team Leader, Ofsted

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Want to build on your knowledge of Google Analytics? Our qualified specialists can tailor our Google Analytics Advanced Training Course to push your existing level of understanding to the next level.

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Advanced Analytics Training Fundamentals

What to expect from our experts

seo basics

Advanced Segmentation

With advanced segmentation techniques, you’ll learn how to gain a better insight into and understanding of specific types of traffic on your website.

page optimisation

Conversion & Destination Goals

We will help you establish goals, like how you want visitors to convert. You will then understand if users are interacting on your website as you wish, and if so how many.

keyword strategy

Keyword Optimisation

You’ll learn how to link your Google Analytics account to Google Ads and Google Search Console, helping you to review the performance of your keywords by analysing site behaviour.

Advanced Attribution

Advanced attribution is a pivotal advance in digital marketing. With this, you’ll be able to identify all the channels used before a user converts.

Conversion Funnel

You’ll learn how to understand data to find holes in your conversion funnel, enhance webpages, improve user experience and boost sales rates.

google analytics

Google Tag Manager

You’ll learn how to use Google Tag Manager to implement snippets of code that enable third-tracking, analysis and reporting in your URLs.

Become an Expert

Regardless of how you’ve gained your Google Analytics skills, our Google Analytics Advanced training course will help you gain confidence as you become an expert in the more complex features of the platform.

Depending on your experience with Google Analytics, you will learn how to:

Learn from a Qualified Google Analytics Expert

Every person who has taken one of our Google Analytics training courses has a different set of knowledge and experience, and different goals and outcomes for their site. 

One of our Google Analytics experts will carefully assess your needs and tailor a course that’s perfect for you.

Our training packages can be delivered in a variety of ways, and our specialists are flexible in accommodating your requirements. We can teach you through bite-sized, one-to-one online coaching sessions which are delivered at your own pace. We can also offer a one-day Google Analytics Training course, delivered either at your site or at our offices near Portsmouth, Hampshire.

It's always great to see the results...

It was good training and we all benefited from it. I won’t hesitate to contact Tillison Consulting again in case we’ll need any help in the near future.”

Silvia Piol – Project Analyst, Opia

Our Advanced Analytics Training Promise

What you learn will be appropriate to your business and you’ll never be taught the same thing twice.

We will cut out the jargon and unnecessary academic explanation to further your skills in Google Analytics. You will then be able to improve your website, retain more users and increase your ROI.

Perhaps you're not quite ready for our advanced Google Analytics course?

That’s okay! We also run beginners courses to get you up to speed.

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