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Digital Marketing
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Tillison Consulting's School Marketing Team, with 15 years of expertise, enhances enrolment and brand visibility for diverse schools, spanning private, independent, and state schools across different levels and Multi Academy Trusts (MATs).


Customer reviews: 4.8 out of 5

Jackie Pollard
Jackie Pollard
Marketing Manager, LVS
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"Please can you stop the advertising for the open day 26th June. We have 180 families booked in and have reached capacity. Great job on getting so many attendees registered so quickly"
Georgina Hibberd
Georgina Hibberd
Teacher, Vita et Pax
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"Working with Tillison Consulting to increase our local visibility has been a great experience, we have seen significant results in just a short space of time and would recommend their services to any school looking to increase their brand awareness."
Jessica Wantman
Jessica Wantman
Marketing Manager, Portland Place
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"A flexible, friendly team that know their craft. Great to work with and improve results."
Sally Nash
Sally Nash
Head of Marketing, Lockers Park School
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"The Tillison team have been a joy to work with. Not only are they deep experts in their field (it’s a relief to outsource this technical expertise); they are always helpful, friendly and efficient to work with. I highly recommend working with Tillison for search engine optimisation, website hosting, and PPC."

Specialised Digital Marketing Solutions for Schools

At our school marketing agency, we are proud of our proven track record of excellence, consistently achieving outstanding results for both private and state schools. Our expertise focuses on maximising the effectiveness of your budget, ensuring your investment yields the best returns possible. This is achieved through strategic, goal-oriented tactics with a well-documented track record of success.

Digital Marketing Services
For Schools


Rank higher than your competitors on the World's most popular search engines.

Google PPC

Get your institution in front of parents and students with tailor-made Google and YouTube Ads.

Social PPC

Unlock the power of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to increase your brand awareness, website traffic and enrolments.

Web Design

We create beautiful looking websites that increase traffic and convert more visitors into enrolments.


Conversion Rate Optimisation can have a significant impact on the number of enquiries that you receive, often 2x them!

Local SEO

Get more website visits, enquiries, and increased engagement through local searches.


Achieve greater success through bespoke digital marketing coaching from a qualified expert.

Free SEO Audit

Uncover the challenges and potential advantages of enhancing your website for SEO purposes.

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Digital Marketing For Schools FAQs

If you can’t find an answer to your question, please get in touch.

Digital marketing for schools refers to a comprehensive set of online strategies and techniques aimed at promoting educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities in the digital landscape. It leverages various tools and approaches to enhance the online presence and reputation of these institutions. These strategies often encompass the following key components:

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

Website Design

Digital marketing for schools offers several significant benefits:

Increased Online Visibility: Through SEO and PPC, schools can ensure that their website and content appear prominently in search results, allowing them to reach a broader audience of potential students and parents.

Cost-Effective Promotion: Digital marketing can be more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods, allowing schools to allocate their budgets more efficiently and maximize their return on investment.

Targeted Marketing: PPC advertising enables schools to target specific demographics, locations, and interests, ensuring that their messages reach the most relevant audience.

Improved User Experience: A well-designed website with optimised CRO practices provides a better user experience, which can lead to higher engagement, longer time spent on the site, and increased inquiries.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Digital marketing tools and analytics provide valuable data on user behaviour, allowing schools to make data-driven decisions and refine their strategies over time for better results.

Enhanced Reputation: A strong online presence and user-friendly website design can improve a school’s reputation and credibility, making it more attractive to prospective students and parents.

In summary, digital marketing for schools encompasses a range of strategies that can significantly benefit schools by increasing online visibility, attracting the right audience, and optimising their digital presence to achieve better results in terms of inquiries, applications, and overall institutional success.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a strategic and technical process aimed at improving a website’s visibility and ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This process involves a series of actions, optimisations, and content enhancements to ensure that a website appears higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) when users search for relevant keywords or phrases.

Increased Visibility: In today’s digital age, many students and parents turn to search engines to find schools, programs, and information. SEO ensures that a school’s website is well-optimised and positioned to appear prominently in search results, increasing the chances of being discovered by those actively seeking educational opportunities.

Competitive Edge: Schools face stiff competition, and SEO can provide a competitive edge. Schools that invest in effective SEO strategies are more likely to attract potential students, as they are more accessible and visible online compared to competitors who neglect SEO.

Cost-Effective Marketing: SEO offers a cost-effective marketing approach. Compared to traditional advertising methods, such as print media or billboards, SEO delivers a higher return on investment. Once a website is well-optimised, it can continue to attract organic traffic without ongoing advertising costs.

Targeted Audience: SEO allows schools to target specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to their programs and offerings. This means that the traffic generated through SEO is highly targeted, consisting of individuals actively interested in schools, thus increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Trust and Credibility: High search engine rankings often imply trust and credibility. When a school’s website ranks well in search results, it conveys authority and reliability to users, making them more likely to explore the institution further.

Better User Experience: Part of SEO involves optimising website structure and content, which leads to a better user experience. An easy-to-navigate, informative, and user-friendly website not only appeals to search engines but also keeps visitors engaged and encourages them to explore further.

Data-Driven Insights: SEO tools and analytics provide valuable data on user behaviour, keyword performance, and website traffic. This data can be used to make informed decisions and refine SEO strategies over time for even better results.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a digital advertising model where schools pay a fee each time their online ad is clicked by a user. This form of advertising is typically run on platforms like Google Ads, although other platforms like Bing Ads and social media platforms offer similar PPC advertising options.

How PPC advertising can benefit schools in reaching their target audience:

Precise Audience Targeting: PPC advertising allows schools to be highly specific when defining their target audience. This includes demographics like age, location, gender, interests, and more. Schools can ensure their ads are displayed to individuals who are most likely to be interested in their school programs.

Keyword Targeting: With PPC, schools can bid on specific keywords or phrases that potential students or parents are likely to use when searching for schools. This ensures that their ads appear when relevant keywords are entered into search engines, making the ads highly relevant to user queries.

Controlled Budget: Schools have full control over their PPC advertising budget. They can set daily or monthly spending limits, allowing them to manage costs effectively. PPC offers a cost-effective advertising solution because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, ensuring that you’re getting value for your investment.

Immediate Results: Unlike some other forms of digital marketing, PPC can yield immediate results. As soon as a PPC campaign is set up and approved, ads can start appearing in search results or on websites, providing quick visibility to the target audience.

Tracking and Analytics: PPC platforms offer robust tracking and analytics tools that allow schools to monitor the performance of their campaigns in real time. They can see which ads are most effective, and which keywords generate the most clicks, and adjust their strategy accordingly for better results.

Local and Global Reach: Schools can tailor their PPC campaigns to reach a local, regional, national, or even international audience, depending on their target student demographic. This flexibility ensures that schools can expand their reach as needed.

Ad Customization: PPC ads can be customized to convey specific messages or promotions, such as open house events, program highlights, or scholarship opportunities. This enables schools to showcase their unique offerings to their target audience effectively.

Competitive Advantage: Schools that invest in PPC advertising can gain a competitive advantage over institutions that rely solely on organic search results. PPC allows schools to appear prominently at the top of search results, even if their SEO efforts are still in progress.

Your website is obviously vital when it comes to marketing for independent schools, but you have to drive prospective parents to it. Search engine optimisation and ad campaigns on search engines and social media channels will help you achieve this. However, these take specialist knowledge and considerable amount of time, so why not hire a specialist agency to do it for you?

If you’re looking to attract more prospective students to your school’s open day, a digital marketing strategy is a great idea. By utilising pay-per-click campaigns (specifically social media marketing for private schools) and local SEO for schools, you can target your audience to build awareness of both your institution and any and all events.

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Sally Nash
Sally Nash
Head of Marketing, Lockers Park School
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"The Tillison team have been a joy to work with. Not only are they deep experts in their field (it’s a relief to outsource this technical expertise); they are always helpful, friendly and efficient to work with. I highly recommend working with Tillison for search engine optimisation, website hosting, and PPC".

A dedicated expert will reach out to you to address any enquiries you may have and guide you through the various ways in which we can support your institution online.