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Get found. Get more website traffic. Get more Dental patients.

Emily has been a pleasure to work with.  We have been noticing more enquiries coming through as a result of internet searches which is great.

Christina Bartkowiak – Director, Health HQ

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Need more dental patients?

Get more appointments using Dentist Marketing campaigns

Our Health team works with Dentists like you to increase their patients, increase sales and revenue.  As an experienced dental marketing agency, we understand your Dentistry business, the goals you want to achieve and how to achieve them. Great work, great results.

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Dental Marketing Services

We’re proud of our successful Dental Marketing campaigns. Our Health team delivers a range of marketing services to get your practice found, get more traffic to your website and most importantly, increase bookings and patients.


Free clicks from Google Search and Google Maps when customers search for a Dentist


Show Ads at the top of Search Results when local people search for a Dentist


Convert more website visitors in to Dental appointments

Why other Dentists show higher in Search results than your site

We create beautiful Dentist websites that convert more visitors in to enquiries.

About Tillison Consulting

Tillison Consulting, a digital marketing company, is at the vanguard of the digital marketing industry – aiming to scale ambitious businesses through knowledge and collaboration. Based in Cowplain, Hampshire, Team Tillison has worked with many dentists to significantly improve their digital results.

Priding themselves on having an organic approach to digital marketing and producing high-quality results, Team Tillison has generated in excess of £30 million in sales for their clients globally, and shows no signs of stopping. 

Tillison Consulting has a great team of dynamic digital marketing specialists who proactively research new techniques, resources and avenues to ensure their clients are aware of every opportunity for improvement possible.

Whether you are looking to improve your Google ranking, optimise your brand’s profile amongst your target audience or increase sales and improve lead generation, Tillison Consulting can help you.

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Who we've helped

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust approached us to help increase registrations for a medical trial. 

After gaining a good understanding of the trial and the type of end-user that the NHS trial team was trying to engage with, our PPC Specialists assessed the different possibilities for the Trust to promote the LASER Trial.

We ran a paid social media campaign for them, and it was viewed as a tremendous success. Here’s what was achieved:

Want to find out more? Check out the full case study here.

Dental Campaign Fundamentals from a Dental Agency

What to expect from Dental Digital Marketing Agency

Dental marketing strategy

Every Dentist has unique objectives and goals. By understanding your brand inside and out, we establish a marketing campaign and strategies to acquire more patients.

Locally targeted audience

We use targeted, location-based search engine campaigns to get your messaging in front of the right people.

Convert more visitors into patients

Our team of experts are highly skilled when it comes to driving relevant traffic to your site and optimising it for conversions.

Market products and services

We will write keyword-rich copy that is engaging and informative, allowing your products and services to truly shine.

Brand campaigns to increase trust

The best brands are the ones patients trust. We create specialist dental care brand campaigns to boost your brand authority and credibility.

Tracking for measurement

Our work doesn’t end when we’ve set up your campaign. We measure and scale campaign performance; making constant refinements for the best results.

Grow Your Dental Practice

We know what it takes to showcase your business to potential clients in an increasingly competitive healthcare sector. Our strategies ensure you’re seen when patients are searching, attracting them to your website and boosting revenue.

We will;

Our Dentist Marketing Promise

At Tillison Consulting, we have a Health team dedicated to providing digital marketing solutions for Dental Practices or a dental business. We only action dentist campaigns that we believe will produce excellent results.

From the first meeting, you can expect our team to be honest and realistic.

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Please provide your details below and one of our specialists will be in touch as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Dental Marketing Questions

There are plenty of reasons why your Dentistry Practice will benefit from digital marketing.

For one, ad campaigns will increase awareness of your institution among your target audience. You can also adapt your marketing approach depending on your results, the time of year, and more to achieve the best results.

This is where marketing for dentists is advantageous – we know the sector inside out, and we can implement the changes necessary to increase patients.

Yes, our team will provide you with regular reports of the progress of your campaigns and you’ll have access to our project management system.

This way, you’ll be kept in the loop about all the work we do and how everything is performing. Exceptional customer service with no compromises.

Our team can complete research for you and confirm the potential budget you could spend for each campaign and a realistic return you should be aiming for.

Typically, a Dentistry might spend between £1,000 and £1,500 per month on marketing services and media budget, but that does depend on the size of the area the practice serves and the number of products and services which need marketing.


PPC or pay per click (with or without Google Ads) and SEO can increase the number of prospective patients visiting your sites and booking your services. For localised efforts, we highly recommend it in the dental industry.

SEO is a core component of digital marketing for dentists and presents a number of incredibly powerful opportunities. Dentists rely on attracting prospective patients from the nearby area. A local SEO strategy will help Dentists tap into a local audience.

By increasing the visibility of your Dentistry in search results, you will attract more patients to your website, boost the number of visits and ultimately increase bookings 

The Google Ads platform offers three different advertising strategies for Dental Practices; Paid Search campaigns, Display campaigns and YouTube Video campaigns.

A Google Ads paid search campaign typically delivers the greatest number of enquiries or bookings. This strategy targets users when they are most motivated to convert in to an enquiry – when they are searching for a dentist or a dental treatment.

However, whilst Google Ads is arguably the best platform to drive high intent, motivated users to your web pages, the task of converting those visitors in to enquiries is the job of your web page.

In order to maximise the number of dental enquiries and bookings, Dentists must invest in high-quality CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation), which arguably has the greatest impact on Google Ads ROI and ultimately, Practice growth.

Comparing Google Search campaigns and Facebook ad campaigns is a futile exercise. The two are fundamentally different strategies.

A Facebook Ads campaign is designed to interrupt a local audience with an ad for products or treatments. Facebook Ads can be a great strategy for reaching a local audience, increasing awareness and trust in a dental practice brand. Facebook Ads can also be a great tool for promoting offers. We call this “top of funnel” marketing activity – reach users before they need a dentists.

A Google Search Ads campaign is designed to target users when they are searching – reaching users when they need a dentist or dental treatments.

There is a closer comparison between Facebook Ads and Google Display Ads, both of which are designed to create awareness, interest and desire. Both platforms deliver value in this area, though our recommendation is generally to focus on one platform and do it well, rather than trying to do too much with too little budget and time.

YouTube Ads, like Google Display Ads and Facebook Ads, are designed to create awareness and interest in your brand, your products and services. Video is an unparalleled medium to deliver marketing messages and to engage users.

YouTube Ads campaigns can target and engage a local audience and can work very well for Dental Practices.

A Paid Ads campaign on Facebook, Google or other PPC platforms can be created in a matter of days and set live, attracting traffic to your website almost immediately.

How quickly enquiries are created is dependent on campaign budget (how many clicks your campaign creates and how quickly) and the conversion rate on your landing pages.

Typically, we’d expect to see enquiries within a week of a campaign going live.

Conversion rate optimisation is the process of optimising your website or landing pages to encourage users who visit it to make the desired action (also called a conversion).

By utilising Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for your website you will have a much higher opportunity to engage with your website visitors and ultimately make more sales!

Not only does CRO lower your customer acquisition costs; it also gets more value from the visitors and users you already have.

By improving the usability of your website on both desktop and mobile, you’ll help your customers find what they are looking for in the small window they have, and that couldn’t be more important in 2022.

It’s extremely important for your website to work well and perform well when anyone is using it. There are multiple benefits to using conversion rate optimisation methods on your website, these include:

  • Getting more customers and lowering your cost per acquisition.
  • Boosting your SEO efforts.
  • Understanding your customers/website visitors better. The more data you can collect, the better your website will perform.
  • Increasing your customer lifetime value – make your journey a memorable on for every customer.