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Enhance Your WooCommerce Business Visibility and Dominate Search Engine Rankings

Avon Potter
Avon Potter
Director (UK Hot Tubs)
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"The SEO campaigns work very well for us – the volume of traffic is important, but we’ve been more impressed with the quality of the leads we receive, which has vastly improved since we’ve been working with Tillison Consulting. We had worked with other agencies before who weren’t nearly as proactive as the team at Tillison. We’re busy running our business, so we’ve been really pleased with the frequency and quality of communication – it gives us the information and confidence we need to get on, knowing that they’re looking after growing our business online."
Sports eCommerce store spokesperson
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"We get calls and emails every day from SEO companies guaranteeing rankings and promising the earth, but we needed to work with someone we could trust, who knew what it took to increase our site’s rankings and traffic. Ours is a tough market, pitching us against some very powerful high-street brands with much larger budgets than we can boast. I like that I can have regular dialogue with a team that understands my business and cares about the results we achieve together."
Glen Howard
Glen Howard
Company Owner
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"Mark has been very informative and has great knowledge of SEO. We were looking for specific help with our Magento platform and the site audit we gained from Tillison Consulting has given us a great insight into what we need to address to solve our ranking issues. Clearly, if you're looking for a professional company that knows what they're doing, then you need to look no further!"
Nick Bampton
Nick Bampton
Company Owner
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"We began working with Tillison just over 6 months ago. It was great to find an agency that was so friendly, passionate, and experienced and more importantly one that delivers such great results for a business like ours. It's always a pleasure to talk to them and the whole team goes above and beyond. I would recommend them to any company that is looking to obtain real results from their digital marketing campaigns."

Outperform Your Competitors & Fuel Long-Term Business Success with Our WooCommerce SEO Services

Imagine the benefits of claiming the top position in search results for your online store’s products. This equates to a 40% increase in visitors, numerous more conversions, and, ultimately, amplified turnover and profits for your WooCommerce site.

Our WooCommerce SEO Specialists customise their approach to you’re online store, effortlessly engaging with a fresh audience, and establishing your business as the favoured option for new customers.

In addition, our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies not only amplify your sales but also cement your online store’s standing as the trusted provider in your market.

Allow us to elevate your WooCommerce store—let’s make it truly stand out!

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Effective SEO Strategies To Boost Sales And Revenue For Your WooCommerce Store.

Initial Consultation:

A conversation with one of our WooCommerce SEO specialists to understand your current position and pain points as well as fully understand your business goals and expectations.

Keyword Research:

Our WooCommerce SEO expertss will meticulously conduct in-depth research to identify the most relevant and high-impact search terms for your school’s online presence.

Tracking and Analytics Setup:

We set up campaign tracking and Google Analytics for your school to provide valuable insights into website performance, helping us tailor our strategies for maximum impact.

Technical and On-Page Optimisation:

We will optimise your pages to give them the best chance of ranking in the Search Lists.  This will also mean fixing technical issues with the website that are hindering your progress.

Content Strategy:

We will create a content plan and craft content that not only captivates your audience but also strategically aligns with search engine algorithms, boosting your website visibility.

Link Building:

We identify opportunities to build quality backlinks to your site from reputable sources.  This includes local citations that will help you to gain greater visibility in the map stacks.

Communications and Reporting:

We offer consistent updates on SEO performance, keyword rankings, traffic, and conversion metrics, accompanied by monthly meetings to review progress and make necessary adjustments to our strategies.

Scaling and Growth:

We will continuously monitor and adapt your WooCommerce SEO strategy based on data-driven insights, identifying opportunities to scale your business and grow your revenue streams.

Ensure Your WooCommerce Products Are Seen First in
Search Results

SEO for Schools Process
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Ensure Your WooCommerce Products Are Seen First in Search Results

Your WooCommerce store needs to be at the top when customers search for your products. Being in the top 3 organic positions boosts revenues and profits – the higher you are in search results, the more likely customers will choose your store over others.

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Improve Your Performance In Search

We’ll review your WooCommerce website and tell you how we’ll get you better rankings and more website traffic.

SEO Benefits

Our Approach:

At Tillison Consulting, we bring extensive expertise in partnering with a diverse range of eCommerce businesses, spanning furniture, sporting goods, fashion, electric bikes, and beyond.

Your success is our foremost concern. Working hand-in-hand with our WooCommerce SEO Experts, we ensure transparency and frequent updates on your project’s advancement. Our marketing strategies are crafted for the steadfast delivery of sustainable results for your business.

Laetitia Menzies
Laetitia Menzies
Blue Island Home Business Owner
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"Tillison Consulting are a friendly, attentive company and it was an absolute pleasure working with them. Would not hesitate to recommend, thank you!"

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WooCommerce SEO FAQs

SEO Analysis will establish whether WooCommerce product category SEO is important for your project.

If there are search terms we can rank your Product Category pages for, you can be sure that will be part of the SEO strategy.

WordPress SEO should be considered as a continuous investment with results improving steadily.

The optimisation of pages and technical SEO can have an impact on rankings within days, but that does not necessarily mean your site will rank top for every keyword within the same time frame.

Typical factors to consider are;

  1. Where your WooCommerce page/site currently ranks for a keyword. If you already rank OK, you may see some ranking gains within days.
  2. The volume of traffic and the level of competition. If you’re in a tough space targeting really valuable eCommerce search traffic, that’s going to take a while, but will be worth the journey.
  3. The competition. If you’re up against high authority domains with well-optimised pages and content, be prepared for a longer journey to make up ground.

Our team will work with you to create realistic goals which are achievable within your budget and to avoid engaging in battles you just can’t win without a budget to match.

Optimising image alt texts and image descriptions can help with on-page optimisation – helping your page or post rank higher – but can also help surface images in Google Image search and land your WooCommerce store some free traffic too!

Keyword rich URLs are typically the default standard in a WooCommerce site, but may need some optimisation.

SEO Friendly URLs may be an important part of your WooCommerce SEO project, but possibly not a critical priority.

We’re getting deep in to complex, technical, international SEO using a HREFLANG implementation to determine which pages should rank in which country and for which language.

Yes, we can optimise your WooCommerce store for multilingual SEO. 

Absolutely. If there is search traffic to be won and sent to the product pages on your WooCommerce store, product page SEO will be in your strategy.

There’s no simple answer to this other than, “it depends”.

Pay Per Click (PPC) works beyond Paid Search – across a huge display network where banner ads can be displayed, for example. SEO can’t compete with that directly.

However, comparing paid search with SEO, there are pros and cons to each;

 – you pay for every click with PPC, but organic clicks are free

 – PPC can deliver traffic almost immediately, whereas SEO takes time and investment to build and create a solid return

 – the ROI from SEO typically outweighs that of PPC

In our experience, there is typically room for both within a Digital Marketing Strategy and those businesses which dominate their market invest in both.

SEO is part of a wider Digital Marketing Strategy.

Optimising your pages and your site to rank higher in search engines can deliver more traffic, but it is equally important to consider;

  1. The quality of that traffic and what value it adds to your brand and business.
  2. The conversion rate of your landing pages. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is an equally critical step in increasing leads and sales

Speak to a Digital Marketing Specialist Today!

Sally Nash
Sally Nash
Head of Marketing, Lockers Park School
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"The Tillison team have been a joy to work with. Not only are they deep experts in their field (it’s a relief to outsource this technical expertise); they are always helpful, friendly and efficient to work with. I highly recommend working with Tillison for search engine optimisation, website hosting, and PPC".

A dedicated expert will reach out to you to address any enquiries you may have and guide you through the various ways in which we can support your institution online.