Paid Search Marketing

High ROI, Optimised Paid Search Campaigns

Our Specialists have developed Paid Search Marketing techniques and strategies over many years which have produced amazing sales results for eCommerce campaigns, personal injury leads, engineering leads and a whole host of other successful businesses we’re proud to work with.

Our Paid Search Campaign expertise means that we manage over £3m spent on Google AdWords and across the Bing and Yahoo paid search networks.

Goals First

Before spending any money on Paid Search Marketing, it is critical that we have a clear understanding of your budget, your product or service and your target audience. Our Specialists will use that information to research Paid Search opportunities.

We will present you with an outline Paid Search Marketing strategy that suits your budget and will achieve your goals.

Our Paid Search Marketing Promise

We’re committed to a policy of honesty in all campaigns.

  1. Before you spend any money, we will complete research and tell you what your campaign can realistically achieve
  2. We will clearly outline the steps needed and work with you to achieve those goals
  3. We will work hard to optimise your campaigns to increase sales and lower your cost per sale
  4. If we are not confident of exceeding your expectations, we won’t take your project on
  5. We will continue to invest in research and to develop new Paid Search Marketing opportunities to increase your sales

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