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5 Reasons To Use an AdWords Product Listing Ads Campaign

In May, Google announced a new initiative to improve their shopping experience. By October they had completed this transition and Google Shopping, as you see it now, was born.

Built on the same model as a Product Listing ads campaign, the premise of this change was to improve their relationship with merchants and keep the Google listings as up to date as possible. In return, users would obtain better and more accurate shopping results and merchants would see higher quality traffic than before.

So far, reports are good and both these aspirations are being met.

If you are a merchant looking to embark on Google Shopping we have created a list of 5 reasons you should use Google’s Product Listing Ads Campaigns.

  1. The point of a Product Listing ads campaign is to get your products shown in the Google shopping listings. This is exactly what this does.
  2. The new system allows high ranking Google Shopping products to appear on main search page amongst the organic and sponsored links. Any exposure your product gets to a searching audience is always advantageous and could result in a sale.
  3. Product listing ads source the information about your products from your website which means the prices are always accurate.  This change to the way ad information is sourced means that if you have a sale or amend the prices it will be immediately reflected in your listing.
  4. In keeping with Google’s intentions the changes to product listings generate higher quality leads than before. Those who are searching are already in the mood for shopping and therefore more likely to buy.
  5. As well as all the benefits above Product Listing Campaigns can be targeted better than before. This again improves the quality of the leads.

Whilst critics might say, ‘why should I pay for a service now which was free?’ We say because it’s a better service and one which will result in more sales of your products.

To learn more about Google Shopping or Product Listing Campaigns, or about promoting your inventory using Shopzilla Advertising, Amazon Product Ads and Kelkoo Ads, contact us today for a free consultation.

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