Mark Long Picture

Meet……..Mark Tillison

Fast talking, snooker cue wielding MD, Mark Tillison is the founder and driving force behind the success and development of Tillison Consulting. After years in the business, 2007 saw Mark shake the shackles of employment and branch out on his own and he’s never looked back. He marks his greatest achievements as successfully reaching 7 years as a company with nothing but a bright future ahead and on a client level, quadrupling a clients sales in 3 months.

If he isn’t playing a few frames at the snooker club or indulging in a good curry, or sometimes even if he is, you’ll find Mark tweeting, commenting and plus 1-ing like a pro.

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Meet……..Shaun Farrell

As powerful in presence as he is passionate about business development (he’s 6 foot four) Shaun Farrell is the Business Development Manager and tallest member of the team here at Tillison Consulting. With a drive to not only help grow our business, he’s looking forward to assisting companies achieve their growth ambitions by helping them to develop and implement effective digital marketing strategies. If he didn’t have his sights set on making his mark in business here, he’d be a Gold Prospector in Alaska or a Professional Golfer.

Proud Dad of one, Shaun lists is favourite things as Football, Golf, Curry and a TV show called Gold Rush…. Can anyone else see a theme developing here?

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Antony Long Picture

Meet……..Antony Potts

Sitting at the head of the table we have Antony Potts, Senior Strategist. The most established and experienced member of the team, Antony has successfully worked with a plethora of clients in an array of industries. His proudest moment was increasing a clients clicks per day from 4,000 per day to 20,000 in 5 weeks.

When asked what his 5 favourite things are her replied, “My cats, comedy, Freddie Mercury, Red Wine and Meat, in that order” With culinary aspirations there isn’t a eating establishment around Antony couldn’t give you a review of. He is the go to man for staff outings!

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Adam Long Picture

Meet……..Adam Futer

Since 2011 Adam Futer has been Tillison Consultings in house SEO Specialist. Working relentlessly on campaign after campaign, there isn’t a trick to improving your Google Search Rankings which Adam doesn’t know. Whilst he regularly improves the rankings of his clients his greatest achievement to date is taking a client who ranked out side of the top 100 to page 1 within 3 months.

Quiet and brooding, Adam comes alive at the mention of Tennis. With childhood dreams of being a Professional tennis player Adam plays whenever he can, often battling point for point against his PPC cohort Liam.

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Liam Long Picture

Meet….Liam Ingram

Liam Ingram is Tillison Consultings resident fitness fanatic and PPC specialist. Since joining Tillison Consulting in October 2011, he has learnt the art of maximising a clients potential through the use of PPC. His greatest achievement to date is doubling a clients enquiries in a single day.

Lasagne eating, Geordie Shore loving Liam might be a PPC Professional but if he could have been anything he would have been a Professional Footballer. Some say for the sport, some say for the money, but I know it’s for the ladies!

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Meet……… Jackie Wakefield

Jackie maybe small in stature but she’s big on ideas. An active Mum of 3, Jackie is the Web Content creator here and is a woman on a mission to make web content more interesting, informative and entertaining. She maybe new to the Digital Marketing industry but her eclectic background makes her the perfect person to embody clients and create SEO ready content on their behalf. A fan of reality TV, Jackie notes her dream job as Secret Shopper as she loves trying new things and telling people what she thinks.

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Perry Long Image

Meet….Perry Richardson

Second in command on Team PPC is Analyst Perry Richardson. Although he has aspirations of being a professional footballer, he has settled in well here at Tillison and excited at the prospect of managing his own clients and campaigns in the future. Noting his 5 favourite things as Football, Parties, Music, Geordie Shore and Peter Kay we have no doubt Perry and Liam will become as thick as thieves in no time.

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George Long Picture

Meet….George Asher

Dark and brooding, George Asher has joined Team SEO as an Analyst under the tutelage of SEO Specialist Adam Futer. Much to the dismay of Liam and Antony, George is a huge Manchester United fan and lists his dream job as a Player/Manager with the Red Devils. In the meantime however he is enjoying learning from Adam and looks forward to running his own successful SEO campaigns. Listing his 5 favourite things as football, TV, singing, hanging out with friends and films, he fits in well here at Tillison.

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Gemma Long Picture

Meet….Gemma Scarth

It’s pretty evident from the pictures above that our new Content & Social Media Assistant Gemma Scarth is all about the having fun in the sun. Keen on animal conservation and surfing, Gemma has travelled extensively through Australia and South East Asia meeting new people and experiencing new things but now back in Blighty it’s down to business. Intent on honing her content writing skills and making waves in social media she has already made quite a splash here at Tillison. Her draw of biscuits definitely makes her a team favourite.

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Angela Montage

Meet….Angela Tillison

As crazy as she is caring, Angela is the go to person for all office issues. Whether you need a new stapler, more tea bags or to get paid she’s your girl. Don’t mistake her smile for stupidity though, she knows where every penny in this place is and exactly when it arrives, she’s also not adverse to chasing you if it doesn’t turn up on time. Gym Bunny, ace Mummy and Bailey’s drinker, Angela loves life whether it be curling up with her kids on the sofa or dancing the night away in a club.



Previous Employees: Dan Stewart, Mo Taha, Sophie Pym, Dave Morris, Alan Bound & Vicki Hemmings.