Learn with a Certified Google AdWords Specialist

Google AdWords Certified Partner
  • How to spend less per click and achieve more sales
  • How to write ad copy to increase traffic
  • How to find more, cheaper keywords
  • Why CTR is so important
  • Why accurate targeting can massively improve results
  • Why better account structure means you’ll pay less per click

AdWords Training Masterclass (One Day Course) Agenda

By the end of the one day AdWords Masterclass, you’ll have created your own campaign, ready to launch with confidence.

  1. How Google Works – the fundamental concept of what Google Search is, what Google is looking for from you as an advertiser and how to manipulate that to your advantage to pay less per click than your competitors, achieve higher positions and gain more market share.
  2. Terminology – knowing your CPA from your PPC and your Impression Share from your CTR – Google AdWords is littered with acronyms and terminology the uninitiated struggle with.
  3. Account Structure – The importance of structuring your account, campaigns and ad groups to improve response and make management simpler and easier to measure, optimise and scale to achieve greater ROI.
  4. Understanding and measuring buyer behaviour and how to manipulate it to increase sales and enquiries through AdWords. The biggest single contributor to poor campaign performance – customers don’t behave anything like you might think. We’ll show you how to analyse, measure and optimise campaigns to suit your audience.
  5. Critical campaign targeting options, what they are and which work best for your product, business and market. Learn to target and measure performance across multiple ad networks, geographic locations and multiple devices.
  6. AdWords keyword match types – focusing on the profitable, effective areas, avoiding waste and making the best use of your budget – the greatest area of wasted budget in most Google AdWords campaigns. We’ll show you how to avoid wasting that budget so you can spend it on more profitable areas.
  7. Techniques and strategies to research and build a laser-targeted, highly relevant, profitable keyword list
  8. Simple techniques and strategies to increase traffic, ad positions and get more leads and sales through compelling ad copy. Learn the method that could easily increase your campaign response by 300%!
  9. Using the Google AdWords offline editor to make big changes and manage your campaigns effectively.
  10. Bring your laptop and build an effective campaign that you can launch by the end of the day.

Google AdWords Advanced (One Day Course) Agenda

Optimise campaigns to increase traffic, increase sales and enquiries and maximise ROI from Google AdWords

  1. Advanced use of the Google AdWords Editor to make macro-level campaign optimisation changes
  2. Pro optimisation techniques we use every day to improve ad response, laser target keywords and increase ROI from campaigns
  3. Researching and adding in negative keywords to reduce wasted budget and get “more bang for your buck”
  4. How to use dynamic keyword insertion to speed up ad creation and make ads hyper-relevant to keywords.
  5. Advanced campaign and user behaviour analysis that will help you understand how your market behaves, when and from which devices and how you can use this data to increase enquiries and sales.
  6. Landing page optimisation techniques to increase user engagement, sales and enquiries and drive down the cost per conversion – we spend time personally with each delegate with a specific actions to implement.
  7. Using Google AdWords ad extensions to improve visibility, user experience and increase response and traffic; Site Links, Click to Call ads, Locations and Offers. We’ll teach you how they work and how to manipulate them to improve campaign results.
  8. Using the Google AdWords Display Network to increase brand influence, market share, to increase conversion rates and get customers returning to your site to complete sales and enquiries you might otherwise miss.
  9. Targeting and working with mobile users. You’ll learn how to measure and optimise performance, understand how, when and why your customers use mobile and where it fits in to your sales cycle.
AdWords Training Sessions
One Day
AdWords Training Courses
The approach our clients love the most; one-on-one Google AdWords Training takes place via phone and using online meeting software.We both view your screen and work through your account together. One Day AdWords Training Courses for those looking to dedicate a day to quickly learn how to build an effective AdWords campaign.
 Clients find this personal approach extremely effective and easy to follow  The AdWords Masterclass Courses and Advanced AdWords Techniques and Strategies Courses are available in Portsmouth, London and on site.

Google Adwords Training from Tillison Consulting is a course I would highly recommend.

After completing the course, we were able to reduce our monthly costs and increase our click through rate through better understanding of our adverts.

Great value for money.

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AdWords Training Costs

Training Price
1hr Initial Consultation and AdWords Analysis FREE - Call Now
Short AdWords Course: 3 x 1hr Personal AdWords Training sessions £225+VAT
Value AdWords Course: 5 x 1hr Personal AdWords Training sessions £350+VAT
One Day AdWords Training Course £275+VAT per seat (Max. 4 Seats)