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600% Improvement on Van Hire Marketing Strategy

5x More Leads from a Fraction of the Budget

With a £10 million turnover business, Wayne decided to outsource his AdWords campaign to a specialist agency to maximise his return, but unfortunately, the first agency he chose was not able to provide him with the level of return he required.

After 6 months, business was down and the Google AdWords campaign was not functioning effectively.

Van Hire Marketing Strategy

At this point, Wayne turned to Tillison Consulting and after an initial review of the account, AdWords Consultants at Tillison found a lot of issues that needed to be resolved.

In summary, the account needed a major overhaul and that is what happened in the first couple of weeks.

Google AdWords ROI

The first job was to structure the AdWords campaigns effectively and to cut out a lot budget wasted on irrelevant search traffic. This created a far more effective campaign and one that was a lot easier to optimise. This also meant that traffic from the campaign now was highly relevant and users reaching the website were more likely to convert into a lead.

The next objective was to fix AdWords conversion tracking on the account. There was conversion tracking on the old campaign, but it was not recording data effectively and so optimisation couldn’t be completed effectively either. This was rectified so that all keywords were tracked to measure the success of the campaign and to identify where the leads were coming from.

Finally, regular monitoring of the keywords enabled the team to get the ads in the best position to be seen and at a Cost per Click that ensured the campaign was profitable for NL Commercials.

Over the first full year of managing the campaign the results were clear to see:

  • 600%

    Conversions increased by 600% over the year

  • 88%

    Spend reduced by 88% over the same period

  • 33%

    Average cost per click reduced from £2.06 to £1.38

  • 16.5%

    Click Through Rates increased from an average of 3.5% to 16.5% over a year

Impressed Director Wayne Lella said, “the AdWords Consultants at Tillison have certainly proven value for money. They took over an AdWords campaign that was not doing very well and transformed it. All in all this has been a very positive experience."

Wayne Lella Director

About NL Commercials

NL Commercials is a family owned vehicle rental company, which has been running for over 30 years. With depots in Wakefield, Leeds and St Helens they are the No1 independent hire company in the North with over 2500 vehicles.

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