The Furniture Company 247 is a specialist, up-market, rattan garden furniture retailer.

After being referred to us by a plethora of local businesses, The Furniture Company 247 approached us with a Google AdWords campaign they thought was doing well. Our consultation  revealed that there was a wealth of untapped potential within their campaign. To rectify this, we identified a number of areas where budget wasn’t being used affectively and made the necessary changes to optimise significant opportunities to improve campaign performance.

When asked to comment on our service, Tracy Stevens says:

“We did have a campaign running, which I thought was running well. Working with our Google AdWords Analyst, I now realise we were missing out on so many more sales and greater profits.

Tillison Consulting was recommend to me by a local business who had been dealing with them. They have increased sales, lowered the cost per sale and significantly increased our market position.

However, the biggest benefit to me personally has been to free up my time to work on other parts of our business – running a successful campaign of this scale is extremely time consuming – working with an experienced Analyst and Consultant means things get done more efficiently and effectively and we grow our business faster. That has been invaluable.

I find the team easy to work with and quick to respond to queries and to take action when necessary.

If you think you’re getting the best from AdWords, you’ll get more by working with Tillison Consulting – I’d recommend them to anyone who want to succeed with selling online.”

We improved campaign targeting, measurement and ROI across the board in an extensive campaign for a wide range of products. We took advantage of new methods, techniques and strategies in the Google arsenal and delivered above and beyond on our SEO project promise.

The combination of organic placement through a targeted SEO campaign and the significant improvements to the AdWords campaign performance resulted in dramatic up turn in results. Not a company to rest on our laurels we see this as a platform to build on, rather than a job completed. We will continue to work hard to continue to reduce the CPA and to increase the market position of The Furniture Company 247 and the sales it achieves.