Spencer Lanehart
Spencer Lanehart
Junior Campaign Manager

Spencer has just embarked on his digital marketing journey in a new career, joining Tillison Consulting as a Junior Campaign Manager, working towards a Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship.

Spencer enjoys playing football on a Saturday morning for his local football team and training on a Wednesday night, he also enjoys cycling in summer with his family. He also enjoys the sights of nature whilst cycling and in the car making his way to football, he enjoys spending time in the city of Portsmouth shopping and being with all of his friends and family.. Spencer is an avid gamer, so when he’s not playing football or out cycling you will find him at home gaming with his friends online.

Spencer is motivated to do well in and out of the work environment by his family and his late grandmother Doreen which he holds very close to his heart as he believes everything he does that’s good is for her and his family, so one day he can repay all of the rights they have done for him. 

Spencer is determined to help people reach their full potential in business life as he gets his head down and focuses 

His skills are very versatile and handy as he is very good with people and knows how to present himself around new and important people, and he can get work done no matter the circumstances and time allocated to perfection.