LottieOffice Dog

    Lottie - Tillison ConsultingFriendly, enthusiastic, tenacious and – above all – furry, Lottie is a loyal companion to MD Mark Tillison and a highly valued member of the team as Office Dog.


    Lottie often contributes to meetings by curling up and falling asleep on someone’s feet, but as a cockapoo she also excels in barking at the postman and trying to eat people’s litter from out of the bin.

    Lottie - Tillison ConsultingWhen asked what her ultimate career ambitions are, she got distracted by some pigeons sat on a fence outside the office and decided they were more important. In her spare time, Lottie often enjoys running around in circles at full speed, terrorising her feline friends, going for long walks in the country and steak.