Danny RandonMarketing Assistant

Danny Randon: Marketing Assistant - Tillison Consulting

As Tillison Consulting’s own Marketing Assistant, Danny Randon is often the public voice of Team Tillison and the man behind a large amount of the contents of this website.


A former newspaper journalist who made the transition to digital marketing in 2018, Danny has transferred his skills in content and copywriting to updating our blog with the latest digital marketing news, tips and tricks and keeping our clients informed of Team Tillison’s goings-on via our newsletter.

Danny Randon: Marketing Assistant - Tillison Consulting

Danny also moonlights as a music journalist, writing for a multitude of rock magazines and even hosting his own music podcast. When he has time to spare, he is an avid gig-goer – and crowdsurfer, despite his 6′ 4″ frame – as well as a fan of drumming, Mexican food, horror films and professional wrestling.


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