Antony PottsPPC Strategist

Antony Potts: Pay Per Click Strategist - Tillison Consulting

As the most established and experienced member of Team Tillison, PPC Strategist Antony Potts is your go-to guy for all things related to pay per click and a fun-loving motivational force in the office.


A self-professed pragmatist, Antony has been with Tillison Consulting for nearly a decade, having previously worked in IT and even as a scientist for the Ministry of Defence. He always applies his analytical skills and logical thinking when helping our clients achieving what they want, through creating and optimising effective PPC strategies.

Antony Potts: Pay Per Click Strategist - Tillison Consulting

Antony is a big fan of ’70s music – particularly from his favourite band Queen – and cricket, as well as pushing himself to the limit by taking part in countless fundraising challenges. He is also an avid reader and foodie, and there’s probably not a single culinary establishment that he couldn’t give you a review of.


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