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Boost your brand presence and follower engagement on Twitter

Our Social Media Specialists deliver Twitter Marketing Services to grow and interact with audiences for both local businesses and leading eCommerce brands.

Outsourcing the management of your Twitter is a big decision to make – the way your brand engages with customers on Twitter could have a significant impact on how they feel about your business.

At Tillison Consulting we will work with you to gather a clear understanding of the values of your brand, your target audience and the tone of voice which should be used when communicating with them on your Twitter account. We will also establish a framework for content creation and curation, as well as agreeing incentives for your customers, such as promotions and competitions, which suit your own goals.

Twitter Management Packages

Your business and your customers are unique. As is the case with nearly every aspect of digital marketing, the investment of time and resources you employ in a Twitter management campaign will vary significantly from business to business.

If you run an eCommerce store with a potentially large audience, the return is significant as is the competition – the investment reflects that return. However, if you run a smaller business with more of a local focus, Twitter marketing services are still critical to customer engagement customers, but the investment required is often noticeably lower.

Typically, our Twitter Management Services are part of a wider digital marketing project which includes other social media platformspaid search campaigns and often SEO to increase sales.

Twitter Marketing Success Stories

As a Digital Marketing Agency, clients are regularly referred to us via Twitter. An advocate and Twitter addict himself, Tillison Consulting MD Mark Tillison (@Tillison) is testament to Twitter being a great platform for reaching an audience to create relationships and build a reputation.

Mark’s strategy combines:

  • great content creation and curation, placing him and our business at the heart of our industry
  • lots of engagement to build relationships and reputation
  • amplifying that reach using coordinated Twitter pay per click campaigns

Mark’s Twitter following exceeds 5,000 genuine, engaged businesses and typically, his tweet reach is over 5 million Twitter users each month, delivering the majority of the social media traffic to our website.

We would love to be part of your success

Twitter Marketing Fundamentals

Profile Optimisation

Optimising profile components such as your username, display name, bio and profile and header photos is vital to the prominence of your Twitter account. We will ensure that these are optimised to attract as much organic and relevant traffic to your account as possible.

Trending Hashtags

Hashtags have become a global phenomenon, and a highly effective way of gaining traction with and communicating with your target audience. By keeping a constant eye out for trending topics, we’ll put you at the forefront of discussions which are relevant to your business.

Influencer Outreach

Getting someone to endorse your business to a large Twitter following could offer valuable exposure to new and existing customers. We will strengthen relationships between you and influencers in your field, adding value to your brand and improving your link profile.

Twitter Chat Hours

There’s a chat hour on Twitter for almost anything – whether it’s your trade, your geographical location or even your hobbies and interests. We will engage in relevant chat hours on your behalf, proving your expertise and credibility in a particular area.

Content Curation

Sending promotional tweets about your products or services is one thing, but it’s important to remember that it’s not all about the sell. We will balance creating and curating new and engaging content which won’t dilute your presence in your followers’ feeds.

Follower Engagement

The fast-moving nature of Twitter makes it all the more important to efficiently respond to interactions from your followers, especially if they tweet you publicly. We will monitor your account closely to ensure that your business earns a good reputation for its engagement rate.

Our Twitter Marketing Promise

Speak to one of our Specialists for free, and once they understand your goals and your budget expectations they will create a tailored Twitter campaign strategy for you. Alternatively, they may recommend one of our bespoke Twitter Training packages which will enable you to manage your account effectively yourself.

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