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As an integrated part of a Social Media campaign, our team’s Google Plus marketing services help brands reach and engage with niche communities, passionate about a range of subjects and topics.

Google+ is one of the lesser explored forms of social media but with a growing audience of 90million it has the potential to be one of the most important, especially for businesses.

Google Plus IS Google

Whether you’re a local business or a brand, the Google+ platform accommodates business pages, cleverly designed for you to be able to develop deeper relationships with your audience by sharing relevant content with them and engaging in conversations within niche communities.

Google+ uses circles as a means of  categorising your followers. Once categorised, your choose exactly which information your share with which audiences. This demonstration of understanding will make your audience feel appreciated, understood and valued.

Whilst Google+ may not hold the mass-market appeal of Facebook or Twitter, it is a valuable social media platform. Having a Google+ Business Page will not only increase the visibility of your company to consumers but because Google Plus pages and profiles are indexed by Google, it will also make your business easier to find – it’s a valuable component of any Local Business SEO Campaign.

We help clients maximise their reach and engagement using Google Plus;

  • Create and maintain an optimised Google+ Profile or Business Page (there are several different types).
  • Identify, reach and engage with a relevant target audience
  • Regularly post created and curated content

Every brand and audience is different – we’ll need to create a bespoke Google Plus Marketing Campaign just for yours.

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