Smiffy's Increase Sales Through Pay Per Click

32% Increase in Fancy Dress Sales

Already running a Google AdWords search campaign in-house, Smiffy’s was struggling to make the ROI work and needed to increase the sales it achieved through its Australian fancy dress website outlet for the budget spent.

Outline Strategy

The initial goals for our Pay Per Click team were to address areas of budget spend on Google AdWords which were not producing sales at a profitable rate.

This was achieved through significantly improving the account structure, careful keyword analysis and ensuring that the tracking and reporting were implemented correctly on the website – we needed to make sure that our data was accurate.

Keyword targeting was vastly improved to focus budget spent on search terms which demonstrated a much greater intent to purchase, such as ‘buy fancy dress.’ More specific keyword searches were also focused on as Analytics shows they are more likely to convert in to sales.

Once optimised and profitable, the strategy was extended to Yahoo and Bing paid search campaigns to attract additional traffic and sales from those search engines too.


Campaign spend remained at around the same levels after campaign optimisation, though the budget produced far greater results, achieving a 26% reduction in the average cost of each sale and increasing the number of sales achieved by a whopping 32%, comparing results from the previous year.

Optimisation has continued, gaining a greater share of the search market, with the campaign now focusing more on organic traffic to further increase site visits and sales.

  • 26%

    Lower cost per sale

  • 32%

    More sales

“We’re so busy running our business that it’s tough to keep track of all of the marketing activity. We get regular reports from the team looking after us at Tillison Consulting, but have little time to read them, so the regular emails with updates keep us informed of what’s going on and if there are issues that we need to address to keep the sales improving.”

“The work on our campaigns has significantly improved the ROI, quickly having a positive impact on the cost per sale by improving the percentage of visitors who actually bought something during the visit to our site.”

“The way Tillison works suits us perfectly and we have been happy to recommend them to our business contacts and will continue to do so.”

John Elston Web Franchise Manager

Smiffy's Australia

Based in New South Wales, just outside Sydney, Smiffy's Australia delivers costumes & accessories across Australia with super-fast delivery and tracked services.

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