On-going off-page optimisation is by far the most important part of any SEO campaign. Search engines place more emphasis on off-page factors when making a decisions about a site’s placement for the target phrases. A structured, consistent approach is essential in order to achieve suitable, relevant ‘back-links.’

It is ineffective to simply build lots of links quickly, as this will clearly be flagged as ‘spam’ by search engines. For an effective strategy it is essential to build links in a natural, organic manner using a variety of different mediums and over a period of time. Creating the appropriate back-links in the correct manner will be recognised by Search Engines as demonstrating good authority for the target keywords and thus deserving of high placement.

Tillison Consulting – Our SEO experts already have a wealth of well established relationships with external, high authority sites and know a plethora of organic techniques to make sure your site ranks as highly as possible.

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