Independent SEO Audit

Our Free, 19-point independent SEO audit helps you and our SEO Specialists understand what’s stopping your site ranking better and attracting a lot more free traffic for valuable search terms.

Whether you’re considering investing in SEO, you’re running your own SEO in-house (see SEO Training) or you’re already paying an SEO Specialist and want to double-check their work, an independent SEO audit is a great place to start.

Independent SEO Audit Checklist

Technical Website SEO Issues: We’ll crawl your site for technical issues which prevent search engine indexing and affect page rankings including broken links, redirects, sitemap and navigation issues.

On-Page Optimisation Opportunities: We’ll check for duplicate content and optimisation of meta data to improve page relevance amongst other technical opportunities to improve rankings.

Domain and Page Authority: We’ll assess the authority of your domain against competitors in your industry, along with the external link profile to establish opportunities to increase your rankings.

Site Performance Checks: A good User Experience on your website is essential to conversion rates AND is a ranking factor. Fast page load times are key for both your profitability and to the ranking your pages achieve. We’ll assess both and identify opportunities to improve page load times and rankings.

Mobile User Experience: The mobile ranking algorithm includes separate elements specific to mobile devices. Sites which have a poor mobile user experience are penalised in the mobile rankings. We’ll assess your site to establish whether this is a factor in your rankings and traffic.

Keyword Rankings: We’ll analyse and report on your site’s current rankings for important keywords you should be targeting.

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Free, 19-Point Independent SEO Audit

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