Twitter PPC Advertising

Our successful Social Media team delivers Twitter PPC Advertising campaigns as part of Twitter Marketing Services to engage and grow audiences for both local businesses and for leading eCommerce brands.

Those successes are achieved through an integrated approach to Twitter. Twitter PPC Advertising is just one part of an overall digital marketing strategy which;

  • includes targeted ad campaigns which are continually tested and measured to improve performance
  • drives relevant traffic to your website
  • engages, enchants and grows a targeted audience
  • includes enticing promotions and offers

Twitter Ads Success Stories

20,000 Engaged Twitter Followers for an eCommerce Store

Our Social Media team coordinated a successful Twitter ads campaign, engaging and growing the audience by;

  • posting regular content and promoting new products
  • creating and managing competitions
  • building relationships and creating brand ambassadors

Our sustained campaign produced over 20,000 Twitter followers for a fashion eCommerce store.

Twitter PPC Advertising Strategies

Depending on your Twitter Advertising Goals, there are a number of different Twitter Ads strategies available.

Firstly, you should choose whether increasing engagement is more important than web traffic – you can run campaigns either to increase followers, increase engagement or to drive traffic to your website.

You’ll bid an amount each time a user completes your target action, paying for your campaign on a cost per click, a cost per engagement or a cost per follower basis. In the same way, you can promote your account or promote specific tweets which appear in users’ newsfeeds.

There are a number of different methods of targeting users with ads or your Twitter account to gain attention:

Twitter Ads Keyword Targeting

We’ll research and identify terms which users may be using in their Tweets. Those terms should identify a problem that they’re trying to solve, a product that they’d love to buy or something similar which identifies them as being within your target audience.

Twitter ads keyword targeting could target users tweeting about specific fashions, particular hashtags or about a particular artist. This targeting can be combined to produce larger, broader Twitter audiences, or separate campaigns created with specific messages for very specific audiences to increase response.

Targeting Interest Categories

For broader campaigns targeting a larger audience, usually with a larger budget, Twitter maintains a list of interest categories which can be targeted with ads. These range from fashion to sports, to football, to health and so forth.

Targeting Twitter Followers

Twitter ads can be targeted using your own followers or followers of another account (such as a competitor). These can be combined to create larger audiences, particularly where those target accounts have a smaller number of Twitter followers.

Twitter Ads Tailored Audiences

Like Facebook Ads, Twitter includes a powerful option to target tailored audiences.

Perhaps the most appealing of these is the ability to upload and target your own email list. Using this strategy, the response is typically much greater as this audience already knows and trusts your brand.

For engagement campaigns, Twitter only charges you for the first engagement, so targeting a tailored audience of your email list often creates a high level of engagement which spreads your messages to a wider audience – that secondary wave is free!

Twitter Ads Retargeting

A powerful Twitter marketing strategy, you can target users who have recently visited your site with Tweets or your account. In the same way as AdWords remarketing, Twitter remarketing increases returning traffic to your site, increases brand trust and engagement and ultimately increases sales.

Targeting ‘Similar Audiences’ with Twitter Ads

Using any of the above strategies, Twitter also has an option to expand those target audiences to users which are similar. In this way, you could create a tailored audience of your customers, creating a separate campaign targeting users which are similar to those to increase your reach, audience and customers.

Targeting Geography With Twitter Ads

In addition to the targeting options above, campaigns are created with a geographic setting too. Campaigns can target whole countries, sections of countries or more recently, down to specific postcodes. Very useful for Twitter Ads for small businesses, but not so useful for eCommerce stores.

Twitter Advertising Opportunities

Your first step should be a Twitter Ads review (that’s free). Whether you’re already running Twitter Ads campaigns or you’d like to, our Twitter Ads Experts will;

  • Understand your goals, your target audience and your budget
  • Analyse the targeting options, audience sizes and opportunities
  • Create a tailored Twitter marketing strategy which suits your budget

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