Facebook Marketing Success

800 Competition Entries

Supplier of mouth-watering Afternoon Tea, delivered complete with silverware, sandwiches with the crusts cut off and a basket full of traditional English treats, Pryer's Afternoon Tea delivers delicacies to the Portsmouth area.

Having developed an excellent reputation, much of its business is through word of mouth, so Facebook was a natural marketing strategy to reach and educate the local audience that this wonderful product and service was available.

Facebook Strategy

Pryer's Afternoon Tea already had a good following on its Facebook page, but wanted to engage this audience to encourage discussion - this helped to increase awareness amongst friends of existing fans to further increase fans and most importantly, to increase bookings for Mother's Day.

In the four weeks running up to Mother's Day, we ran a short Facebook promotion using Pay With a Post, a Facebook promotion application created by Tillison Consulting, giving away Afternoon Tea for four people, randomly drawn from entries.

No budget was spent on ads, only using an existing email database and free Facebook posts advertising the competition to existing fans.

Pay With a Post automatically shares the promotion on the wall of each Facebook user entering. With no effort at all, every person entering shared the promotion with their own Facebook friends along with a link they could follow to enter themselves.

Since over 50% of Facebook usage is on mobile devices and tablets, Pay With a Post also creates a mobile version of the promotion - without it, we'd miss many of those users.

Great Results

With no advertising budget, the four-week promotion gained 800 entries, sharing the Pryer's brand amongst a targeted local audience for free, added over 100 fans to the Facebook page and increased engagement.

Best of all, Mother's Day was a huge success, booked up two weeks ahead of the day.

  • 100

    New Facebook Fans

  • 800

    Competition Entries

"I gained over 100 new Facebook fans, so I'm really happy with that.

Because of how my business works, it's hard to directly link orders to Facebook activity, but it's no coincidence that Mother's Day was an enormous success - I stopped taking orders 2 weeks before!

The team at Tillison Consulting were great, I would recommend their services as I think it's really good value for money, even for a small business like mine."

Kelly Pryer Pryer's Afternoon Tea

Pryer's Afternoon Tea

Based in Portchester, Hampshire, Pryer's Afternoon Tea delivers an indulgent experience to homes, businesses and even boats in the Portsmouth area. They typically feature English classics, dainty sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream and a selection on English teas, complete with cutlery and presented on a beautiful stand.

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