Google Plus, Critical to Your Business Success

Google Plus is beneficial for your business in more ways than just brand reach. Google Plus IS Google.

Google Plus integrates across Google’s entire platform from YouTube to Local Business pages to reviews and yes, Google Search.

It is is growing and growing very fast. Smart businesses are already using Google Plus – influencing audiences, building relationships and making sales.

Google Plus for Business will help you create a great profile and business page, help you understand how the mechanics of the system work, steer you through the etiquette and great strategies for using Google Plus to grow your business.

Get Google Plus: A Guide for Business

Google Plus Guide


This comprehensive guide covers the basics through to advanced strategies;

  1. Why Google+ is Critical to Your Business
  2. 10 Tips for Success
  3. Circles, circling and sharing circles
  4. Commenting and resharing, etiquette, ripples and notification spam
  5. Communities, what they are and why you should use them
  6. The 5 a day diet for Google+ success
  7. Creating brand and local pages and the verification process
  8. Measuring traffic, setting up Webmaster tools for personal profiles and for pages, using Google Analytics to measure traffic
  9. Lots, lots more that helped me to over 1,000,000 personal profile views

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Google Plus Guide