Google Analytics Training Courses for Beginners

We will tailor a Google Analytics Training Courses for Beginners for you that you will love.

There is so much to learn with Google Analytics to make sure that you get the best from it, that it can be overwhelming and complex.

Our experienced Google Analytics Specialists will work with you to cut through the jargon and focus on what matters most to you, your website and your data.

Google Analytics Training Courses for Beginners – Modules

We know from experience that you have different goals, that there are different websites with varying configurations, and that the analysis and reporting you need is often unique to your business. For that reason, we tailor Google Analytics Training for Beginners to suit you and your business, sometimes even including modules from our Analytics Advanced Course.

Google Analytics Settings and Tracking Info

Google Analytics Training Courses for Beginners
Google Analytics Training Courses for Beginners

You will work through the Google Analytics Settings, ensuring that the fundamentals are correct. We will make sure that you understand the settings, what your options are and which are right for your setup.

Working With Analytics Views and Filters

You will learn why Analytics Views and Filters are fundamental to understanding your data and creating clear reporting. How you can use Views and Filters to enhance analysis and understanding of  your data is also be covered.

Excluding Irrelevant Data

Google Analytics Training Courses for Beginners
Using captions

Unwanted data in your Google Analytics account can be wildly misleading. We will teach you how to exclude that data so you can focus your attention and make decisions based on the behaviour of real visitors to your site.

Configuring Goals and Funnels

In Google Analytics, Goals are the most important function. Working backwards from a purchase, a form completed or even a phone call shows you which steps users took to complete that goal and how they arrived at your website.

Configuring an effective Funnel will help you identify where users are dropping out of the process. This can help you to improve your website to retain more users. Ultimately this will increase Goal completions and thereby increase your ROI.

Google Analytics Training Courses for Beginners
Google Analytics Training Courses for Beginners

Understanding Your Customer

Using Google Analytics data from your own site, we’ll teach you how to analyse visitor behaviour and to use that data to increase leads and sales through your website.

Advanced Settings

Work with a Google Analytics Qualified Individual to understand and implement advanced settings that you need to make Google Analytics work hard for you and your business.

Work With a Google Analytics Qualified Individual

Google Analytics Training Courses for Beginners
Google Analytics Training Courses for Beginners

Our experienced Specialists work with Google Analytics in a real life, not in a classroom. You will be working closely with a qualified Google Analytics Individual to learn how to segment and work with your data. You will learn to create dynamic Google Analytics reports, and how to use them to analyse and understand the behaviour of the visitors to your website.

Google Analytics Training Options

  • One day Google Analytics Courses, tailored to suit your needs
  • Byte-sized, one-to-one, online coaching sessions at your own pace
  • Courses are available
    • online, in one-to-one sessions
    • at our offices near Portsmouth, Hampshire
    • onsite at your offices in London, Surrey, Sussex, Dorset or anywhere else by arrangement

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