Google AdWords Increases eCommerce Sales for Online Store


Initially relying on ebay sales, this consumer electronics business which prefers to remain anonymous invested in an eCommerce store to increase sales and profits.

Manufacturing in the Far East, it needed to significantly increase sales in order to increase production levels which in turn increased margins for its products.

A Google AdWords campaign was being managed by a London agency, but our client felt that it should be producing more sales for the budget spent, seeking initial analysis and advice from Specialists at Tillison Consulting to understand where sales were being lost and opportunities being missed.

Our Google AdWords Strategy

Performance data in the Google AdWords account exposed an incredibly poor structure and keyword targeting, with much of the searches not being targeted with relevant ads, costing the business valuable opportunities and sales.

Covering an unusually diverse range of brands, sizes and features, the market was represented by a huge number of diverse search terms, each requiring dedicated, relevant ads to attract more clicks and more relevant landing pages to increase the conversion rate, in turn reducing the cost of every sale.

In time, Google AdWords Display campaigns were employed to promote the brand alongside relevant content on the Google Display Network, targeting customers as they researched similar products. This is designed to increase brand trust and to further increase the sales achieved for the same budget.

With most sales costing less than £30, the majority occur on the same day as the first search and click, but a significant number of customers needed multiple searches and clicks before purchasing a product. To increase the rate of returning visitors and sales, a Google AdWords Remarketing strategy was implemented, following those customers across the Google Display Network with product ads and further building trust in the brand.

Alongside the optimisation of the traffic and strategies to increase trust in the brand, careful optimisation of the website was undertaken to improve the customer experience; how to find the right product, the site navigation and product pages were improved to reinforce product details we knew motivated customers to purchase. The final part of the process being the optimisation of the shopping cart checkout process to make it as clear, simple and effective as possible. The clearer and simpler we made it, the less sales we lost through the checkout process and the more money our client made.


Within a matter of weeks, the restructuring of the Google AdWords Search campaigns had reduced the cost per conversion from £19 to just £11, achieving 72% more sales for the same budget.

The AdWords campaign restructure also created far more relevant ads targeting ever more specific searches customers typed in to Google. This resulted in a 100% increase in traffic in just a few months, further increasing sales and reducing the cost per sale.

Alongside the optimisation of the Google AdWords campaigns, the User Experience analysis and improvements increased the rate of sales further, also helping to significantly increase the sales achieved for every pound spent.

The introduction of Google AdWords Display campaign helped present the brand to customers as they researched the market which generated clicks through to the website, but more importantly increased “brand search” – customers searching for the website rather than the product. Having been exposed to carefully targeted ads, customers trusted the brand much more, increasing the likelihood that they would choose this website to purchase from than a competitor.

This was further supported by a segmented Remarketing campaign to focus budget and attention on those customers who were closest to a purchase, encouraging them to return to the site to complete a purchase.

Over a two year period, we worked hard with our client to optimise Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo! Search campaigns, shopping comparison campaigns on Kelkoo, Shopzilla, Google Shopping and Shopping.com, Display and Remarketing campaigns, coupled with continuous testing and improvements to sales pages and the user experience on the website.

Over that two year period, we've managed to increase the sales 16 times over, spending four times the budget, at peak producing a sale for every £5.20 spent on clicks and achieving an unprecedented 10% conversion rate from Google AdWords clicks.
Since the average customer needed two ad clicks to complete a sale, that means that one in five visitors to the site bought a product, such was the level of targeting, trust in the brand and the shopping experience on the web site.

Our combined efforts meant that this client sold more of this product than any other online retailer in the UK.

  • 1600%

    More Sales

  • 75%

    Reduction in cost per sale

“This was an incredibly complex, but rewarding project to work on, achieving unprecedented results we've been immensely proud to have achieved. It clearly demonstrates the power of optimising every element of the marketing funnel and the importance of brand and website to the return on investment from a Pay Per Click search campaign.”

“Whilst I respect our client not wanting to publicise details of their success to competitors, it’s a shame for us as it is such a prominent brand in this particular market. I guess we’re victims of our own success!”

“Testament to our hard work and success is our strong ongoing relationship with this client which has led to engagements on additional ecommerce stores they operate and other businesses in which they’ve invested.”

Mark Tillison MD, Tillison Consulting

eCommerce Store

Making the leap from ebay to own website in 2001, this entrepreneurial client prefers to maintain a competitive advantage through anonymity. We respect this request and as such are unable to share details of the specific products or brands represented.

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