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Google Ads Advanced Course

Elevate your skills in Google Ads with our bespoke course

Well versed in the basics of Google Ads? Already built a successful ad campaign? Want to take your Google Ads performance to the next level?

If you’ve already learned how to execute an effective Google Ads campaign and generated leads and sales – whether it was through our standard Google Ads Training or not – our advanced training package for Google Ads users will help you use every feature of the platform to its maximum potential.

Training can be delivered in a number of ways – while our traditional, one-day training courses are effective, most of our clients prefer our bespoke, one-to-one coaching sessions with an experienced PPC Specialist. One-on-one coaching can take place face-to-face, or via the phone and online meeting software to share screens.

Our Google Ads Advanced Course will offer you an insight into the pro optimisation techniques which our Google Ads Specialists use every day to improve our clients’ ad response, identify target keywords with laser accuracy and increase ROI from their campaigns.

Our training package is also tailored to each client and their existing knowledge, so there’s no risk of you being taught the same thing twice.

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Advanced Google Ads Training Fundamentals

Google Ads Quality Score

If you run an eCommerce business, or if you’re just trying to rank ads in general, having a high Google Ads Quality Score is critical to your success. We will help you to understand and improve Quality Scores, subsequently helping to reduce ad costs.

Dynamic Keywords

This is one of the most crucial aspects of any SEO project. By getting these foundations right, you will have a better chance of ranking higher in the search engines. It will also aid your user experience and therefore have a positive impact on conversions.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions – whether they are site links, click-to-call ads, locations or offers – are a great way to improve your site’s visibility, user experience and increase response and traffic. We’ll teach you how they work and how to manipulate them to improve campaign results.

Display Network

Google Ads Display Network offers targeting options to help you find the right audience. We’ll show you how to use the network to boost brand influence and market share, and to get customers returning to your site to complete sales and enquiries you might otherwise miss.

Segmenting and Optimising

It is vital to segment parts of your audience, so we will teach you how to measure and optimise performance on mobiles, tablets and desktops, optimise demographic audience segments, create and use audiences, optimise ad scheduling and locations bid adjustments.

Google Tag Manager

Tag management has ushered a more agile marketing style, meaning you can use snippets of code that enable third-party tracking, analysis, and reporting. We’ll show you how to use Google Tag Manager so you can be sure your codes have been implemented correctly.

We’d definitely recommend Tillison Consulting – they understood what we wanted and showed us how to do it. They were very knowledgeable without making us feel stupid.


Our Google Ads Advanced Course Promise

From researching and adding in negative keywords to reduce wasted budget, to increasing user engagement through landing page optimisation techniques, our Advanced Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) Training Course will help you get ‘more bang for your buck’.

Through our comprehensive tuition in advanced campaign and user behaviour analysis, we will help you understand how your market behaves, and how you can use this data to increase enquiries and sales.

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