Engineering Marketing Strategy Increases Leads for Excell

87% improvement in performance

Founded in 2000, Excell Metal Spinning had grown steadily, embracing online as a marketing strategy to generate leads for metal spinning projects.

Managing a Google AdWords campaign in-house was proving reasonably effective, but the business needed to increase sales.

Targeting an increase in leads generated through organic search engine traffic, Excell approached Tillison Consulting to establish a strategy that would help deliver an increase in business.

SEO Strategy

Using data from the Google AdWords account, SEO Specialists at Tillison Consulting established opportunities to target, initially focusing attention on those which would have a positive impact on leads most quickly, later moving on to additional opportunities as they became viable with a relatively quick return on investment.

Results were achieved using a range of strategies, from a user experience audit, optimisation of pages on the website itself, to creation of content, optimising social media profiles and day to day activity.


As a result of the project early on, search engine rankings have increased, increasing organic traffic to the site by around 15%, with a good level of enquiries every week which is keeping the business on a positive trend.

The quality of traffic and improvements to the User Experience on the website itself have resulted in an 87% improvement in bounce rate – the right kinds of visitors are finding the site and spending more time there once they arrive, a significant improvement over previous performance.

For some key search terms, the site appeared in the top position on Google. Whilst this fluctuates regularly and ranking very much depends on the profile of the user searching, this is an indication of project success.

Site bounce rates have reduced too, indicating that the quality of traffic has also improved over time as the traffic finding the site has been refined.

  • 15%

    Increase in organic traffic

  • 87%

    Better user experience

“We’ve increased traffic to our site, which was the a goal at the beginning of the project. We could always do with more enquiries, as every business can. Whilst we know that this will continue to increase, we’re really happy with the number of new leads we’re getting right now.”

“In working with the team at Tillison Consulting, I've been really pleased with the communication from the team. I feel like we’re involved and always know what’s going on with our project and what we can do to improve the results we’re achieving. I’d definitely recommend them to any business looking to increase leads or sales online.”

Max Underhay Excell Metal Spinning

Excell Metal Spinning

Formed in 2000 to provide a quality and fast service to all industries with requirements of spun metal parts, Excell Metal Spinning offers a modern day approach, priding itself on reliability, on-time deliveries and competitive pricing. As a team, Excell looks to employ metal spinners of the highest quality with a high level of experience and expertise.

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