Electronics Accessory Store Leads the Market

18,500 Sales Per Year

A new venture for an experienced online entrepreneur, this startup project built on the foundation of market research undertaken by Tillison Consulting to identify market volume and opportunities.

The ecommerce store sells a range of electronics accessory products, focusing on quality at a budget price. The store in question prefers to maintain a competitive advantage and not disclosing marketing practices directly to competitors.

Google AdWords Strategy

As a new store, it is important to quickly establish a recognisable, trusted brand, so our strategy quickly made use of Google AdWords Display campaigns to position the brand alongside relevant consumer electronics products.

Simultaneously, well-researched and tightly structured Google AdWords Search campaigns were created to target searches for a diverse range of brands and different product sizes and features, each served with highly relevant ads and directing visitors to relevant pages for those products.

To encourage customers who had not purchased to return to the site, our Google AdWords Specialist created a cleverly targeted Remarketing campaign using branded banners with a firm call to action and the benefits of buying from the site.

The website was built with User Experience in mind to focus on a strong conversion rate, producing a low Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for each sale.

Shopping comparison sites were later added to the strategy, featuring the catalogue of products, synchronised weekly with Google Shopping, Kelkoo, Shopzilla and Shopping.com to increase traffic to the site.


In just a few short weeks, the data available in the Google AdWords campaigns allowed optimisation to decrease the average cost per click and the average cost per sale.

As the brand became more trusted in the marketplace over a few short months, the CPA decreased further.

With more data available as the campaigns ran, we learned more about what motivated this audience to purchase and optimised ad copy to increase the response, further increasing the volume of sales.

Some search traffic didn't convert in to sales so well – this was either addressed with new landing pages or products or excluded from the campaigns to reduce wasted budget and focus on those keyword areas which produced the greatest number of sales.

The optimised Google AdWords campaigns running on Search, Product Search, Display and Remarketing combined will produce some 18,500 sales each year at an average cost per sale of just £4.30, showing some 30million ads across Google’s Display Network.

  • 18,500

    Annual Sales through AdWords

  • 30m

    Google Display Ads

“It was refreshing to be involved in a project from the planning stages, from market research and validation through to building campaigns from the ground up, rather than fixing problems caused by poor structure and keyword selection.”

“This project is testament to how well a project can be executed when our team is involved from the start, with the campaigns producing profitable sales within days of launch, which is amazing.”

“There is always more optimisation to be completed as we have more data available about what motivates the customer for each product set. As online search behaviour changes, we have to adjust campaigns to target new search terms and products which didn't exist when we started.”

Mark Tillison MD, Tillison Consulting

Electronics Accessory Store

This entrepreneurial client prefers to maintain a competitive advantage through anonymity. We respect this request and as such are unable to share details of the website, specific products or brands represented.

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