eCommerce Store SEO Growth

18,000 New Visitors

A leading cricket goods eCommerce store had a good volume of organic traffic and sales through its site, but knew that more traffic and sales were available with professional help in an increasingly competitive market. After an initial review of the organic placement and strategy of the site, Specialists in Tillison’s SEO Team got improvements swiftly underway to increase organic traffic to the site.

Outline eCommerce SEO Strategy

The eCommerce store had a good online presence, and generally, rankings were pretty good for some search terms. This gave our team a strong foundation on which to build, giving us confidence in some pretty quick results. The technical Search Engine Optimisation followed competitor analysis to establish strengths and weaknesses of the website before moving on to create a content strategy and to maximise the ranking value of Social Media activities and profiles.

SEO Results

Within a few short months, we've been extremely pleased with the results. There's almost always a delay between optimisation work starting and the results being realised as the search engine indexing process catches up.

When compared with the same period in the previous year, our efforts had sent over 18,000 new visitors to the site through organic search, with a significant increase in sales to match. A huge improvement in such a short space of time. Also, importantly, the quality of that traffic had increased too. This reflected in a reduction of around 13% in bounce rate (visitors leaving after viewing just one page) with those visitors spending nearly 10% longer on the site and browsing nearly 8% more pages.

Whilst still early days for the project overall, the early performance has been extremely positive.

  • 18,000

    More organic visitors

  • 13%

    Improvement in traffic quality

We get calls and emails every day from SEO companies guaranteeing rankings and promising the earth, but we needed to work with someone we could trust, who clearly knew what it took to increase our site's rankings and traffic. Ours is a tough market, pitching us against some very powerful high street brands with much larger budgets than we can boast.

I like that I can have regular dialogue with a team who understand my business and cares about the results we achieve together.

Anon Cricket eCommerce Store

About the Cricket eCommerce Store

This client prefers to remain anonymous.

From beginners' equipment to superior test match-standard cricket gear, this eCommerce store is among the world's finest, boasting an unrivalled selection of professional-quality cricket gear at affordable prices. This family business prides itself on fair prices for better quality products than can be bought on the high street.

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