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YouTube For SEO

YouTube has always been a powerful SEO tool but with the way Google is going it is only going to become more powerful in relation to SEO. Most people know YouTube is owned by Google,  and as all enquiring minds will realise it is always wise to use the tools Google owns for SEO.

YouTube is now heavily linked to Google Plus and a lot of people consider these two platforms as their main social platforms for SEO.

People optimise their YouTube accounts in different ways but most techniques seem to be consistent. Making sure the channel itself is fully optimised and taking the time to make sure the actual videos themselves are optimised as well is a good start, but there are many more techniques you could employ. Below I have come up with some points that should be considered whenever you are using YouTube, whether it be for SEO or any other purposes.

Title: Try to include the main keyword of your video content in the title.

Description: We recommend you use 300-400 characters to describe your video.

Tags: We recommend as many tags as you can think of to describe your video. Remember you want as many people as possible to find your video.

YouTube Ranking Factors

  • User Engagement
  • Video Content Factors
  • Video Links
  • Channel Authority
  • Content Delivery 

Get all of these factors right and you’ll be ranking top spot even without hitting high on your User Engagement factors.

Whilst the above is important the actual content of the video needs to be high quality especially for the SEO side, nobody wants to watch a dull video which is primarily focused just for SEO. Below I have added some more points that everyone should be thinking about:

  • User Engagement Factors
  • Views
  • Inbound Links
  • Social Shares
  • Embeds
  • Comments / Responses
  • Like (Thumbs Up), Thumbs Down and Favourites

All of the above contribute to SEO value and are very important!

  • Views do count and are important.
  • Comments mean A LOT!!!
  • Don’t try to spam the system though, Google are great at finding rubbish comments and penalising people for them.

YouTube is a powerful SEO tool and will continue to be so but there will be people out there who will try to cheat the system. Don’t be one of these people! Stick to the principles above and create high quality videos and you’ll be fine.

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