Valuable Instagram Marketing Tips to Boost your Brand

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In this T-Time with Tillison Show, Social Media superstar Gemma Scarth shares valuable Instagram marketing tips including which businesses it suits, how often you should post to Instagram and how to increase your Instagram followers.

We’ve summarised the tips covered below, however for more in depth advice on how to use Instagram to boost your brand don’t miss the video.

What is Instagram?
Instagram is a social network app made for sharing photos and videos via your phone.  The app is designed to be updated straight from your smartphone, but also works on tablet devices too. Video bookmark: What is Instagram

Who should (and shouldn’t) use Instagram?
Instagram is just pictures and videos, so it is not particularly well suited for businesses that don’t have a lot of visual content.  Instagram is best suited to businesses who sell products or services and which have more visual content.  It works particularly well for fashion, food, fitness, travel and photography. Video bookmark: Which Businesses Work Best With Instagram

How should I use hashtags on Instagram?
The way that hashtags are used on Instagram is very similar to Twitter.  It is important to make sure the hashtags used are relevant to what you are posting and be careful not to overload your post.  Relevant, industry specific use of hashtags leads to targeted, quality interaction which is great for your brand. Video bookmark: How to Use Instagram Hashtags

Instagram Images and Copyright
There are many concerns over who owns the copyright of pictures once they have been posted to Instagram.  It is very important to consider the terms and conditions of the website provider, eg Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, before posting your images whether you are a professional or enjoying uploading your selfies. Video bookmark: Instagram Images and Copyright

How often should you post on Instagram?
It is recommended to post three to four times a day at strategic times, ie during commuter times, lunchtimes and early/late weekday evenings.  This will avoid spamming news feeds with over posting.  Weekend evenings should be avoided for business posting as the platform is socially “noisey” which can lead to business posts receiving little attention. Video bookmark: How Often Should You Post to Instagram

How we gained over 5,000 Instagram followers
An email campaign to an existing database had an instant impact on the number of Instagram followers, which was further increased with posts to the audiences on all other social platforms.  Anyone who loves your brand will follow you on every social platform that they are on too.  A competition to win a £100 voucher based around regramming with the use of a selected hashtag was the icing on the cake. Video bookmark: Gaining Instagram Followers

Competitions ideas for Instagram
Competitions are a great way to boost your brand awareness, but it is important to grow your Instagram audience before launching one.  Regramming and a hashtag is the key to running a great competition, but you can be asking you audience to post about almost anything to cause “ripples”, eg outfit of the day or where they are reading a book. Video bookmark: Instagram Competition Ideas

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