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Using Images on Google Plus

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It’s well known that people respond better to something that is visual rather than just a lot of text giving information. This is the reason infographics are so popular and the reason that a lot of attention has been paid to images and it’s why using images on Google Plus is encouraged.

Header Images

The recommended size by Google+ is 1080 x 608 (pixels). You can use any image that’s over 480 x 270 and under 2120 x 1192 but I think it’s best to stick to the recommended size. Google+ will automatically scale images to fit but for best results keep the proportions in mind.

A header image on your profile is extremely important to garner attention from potential followers and connections. Occasionally you will have a spam account add you to their circles. You can usually tell which accounts are spam but a give away is if the header image of the profile is extremely pixelated or non-existent.

Providing that your image is kept to scale and optimum size, a miniature version will appear in your hover card when a user scrolls over your name or a hyperlink to your Google+ profile. This is a great way of attracting attention without anyone actually clicking through to read more about you, so it’s important to have something catchy that stands out to potential connections. It could be an infographic, company logo or a quote.

Using animated GIFs

Everybody loves a GIF. From a cat failing at jumping off a ledge to an optical illusion that messes with your mind all day, they always catch your attention. Google+, unlike most other social networks lets you post GIFs to your profile or business page.

Animated GIFs garner masses of attention from people and usually get shared more often than stand still JPGs. Why’s this? They’re different! It’s exciting and almost like watching a video without having to load up YouTube or wait for it to buffer. Posting GIFs demonstrating how your product works, a quick example of something or even a hilarious animal fail will bring the attention to your profile. I speak from personal experience by the way, I love sharing the GIFs that appear on my home feed.

Using Galleries

The simple reason for using galleries on Google+ is to keep everything tidy and organised. If you’re like me, you probably have a box at home full of albums and loose photos. How much easier would it be to find a photo in particular if everything was sorted by date and/or event? It is exactly the same with Google+. Keep all of your photos in strict galleries so it’s easy to locate particular items.

It’s exactly the same for people that are looking for something on your profile or page too. For e-commerce sites that sell fashion items for example, keeping every handbag in one album and all skirts in another could be the difference in a sale to a frustrated customer.

Tagging People in Photos

This is one of the most important things to do when uploading photos to Google+ yet a lot of people seem to forget. If you’ve attended a business event or networking lunch of some sort and took some photos, make sure you tag everyone possible in your photos. It makes your profile look interesting and will help people who were at the event connect with more people that they may not have got chance to talk to.

The photo will appear on their profile too, meaning that you are open to new connections from the person you have tagged.

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