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5 Different Types of Facebook Fans

Research has shown that there are 5 main types of Facebook fan. In order to maintain them and gain the most leads and sales you have to appeal to them each in a different way.

Here’s how to engage with different types of Facebook fans:

No.1 Facebook Fans

‘No.1 Fans’ are great fans! They are emphatic about your brand or service and only associate it with enhancing their lives in some way. They love the feeling of community which your Facebook page warrants them and are happy to lend support to other fans so that they feel included in the bubble of users your product or service has created.

Maintaining No.1 Facebook Fans

‘No.1 Fans’ love interaction, so thank them for their contributions, commend them for their help in promoting the brand and making other fans feel welcome. They love to feel included, so ask them questions, tease them with upcoming products and engage them in discussion around it. ‘No.1 Fans’ love to be recognised for their efforts and to have their dedication reinforced.

Ear To The Ground Facebook Fans

‘Ear To The Ground’ fans come across your Facebook page through word of mouth or an advertising campaign you may have conducted. They are nosey by nature so the more content you can feed them the longer they will stay on your page. This is particularly useful in generating sales.

Maintaining Ear to the Ground Facebook Fans

‘Ear To The Ground’ fans like businesses to act and behave like businesses, they are professional but demonstrate some personality by way of posts referring to employees or office tales. This makes the ‘Ear To The Ground’ fan feel that the company is approachable but established.

Back of The Mind Facebook Fans

‘Back of The Mind’ fans are people who like your brand but pay you no particular interest until they want something. They follow you on Facebook and pay attention to news and special offers but other than that aren’t particularly fussed. They will however be the first to make a critical comment if they disagree with a choice your company has made. ‘Back Of The Mind’ fans are good to have, but don’t expect too much from them, they will come to you when they are ready.

Maintaining Back of The Mind Facebook Fans

‘Back Of The Mind’ fans have got no time for waffle so if they ask you a question or post a comment, address it directly. Be honest and open, they will respond much better to this whilst maintaining a positive image of your company.

Filler Facebook Fans

‘Filler’ fans are people who follow your page because they know the company or employees of the company personally. Whilst these people increase the number of fans you have they aren’t actually useful to you as they have very little interest in your product or service and don’t interact by doing anything more than clicking the ‘Like’ button.

Maintaining Filler Facebook Fans

Oddly, you don’t want to maintain ‘Filler’ fans. Instead you want to develop them. Use the fact that they already have personal connections with people at the company to demonstrate more of the personal side of the business. This will impress and engage ‘Ear To The Ground’ fans and help to develop your ‘Filler’ fans into engaged followers.

Luck Dip Facebook Fans

‘Lucky Dip’ fans are the types of people who love the thrill of the win, but bounce from competition to competition to satisfy their need to win. Their likes on your page are usually short term as once you are of no use to them the are likely to unlike you.

Maintaining Lucky Dip Facebook Fans

You’ll never be able to keep a ‘Lucky Dip’ fan for long, but they will be great ambassadors for your Facebook promotion (see Facebook Promotion Policy Changes) and will excite and engage others in to entering. The best way to maintain their support is to feed them promotions and tease them with talk of new ones around the corner. Anything that will provide them with the thrill they desire will keep them fixated.

Whilst you may feel that these are generalisations, you will discover on further investigation into your Facebook fans that you will see trends appearing that match these ‘Types.’ If you use my advice as to how to engage and maintain them you will see an upward trend in your fan numbers and Facebook Analytics.

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