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The Man to Man Chat

Like kids all over the UK, mine return to school this week after a (very) long summer holiday.

So, yesterday evening, my eight-year-old son and I had a man to man talk about effort, results and rewards:

“Son, it’s a big year this year – really important. I know that if you work hard, you will produce great results. When you produce the results, you’ll receive some great rewards.”

“Knuckle down, focus and concentrate – I know you can do it. And I think you do to.”

Selling on line is no different from school.

If you knuckle down, focus and concentrate. Put in the effort and pay attention to the details, you can increase your online sales.

Roy, one of our management clients spends around £900 per day just on Google. And here’s why:

In the last few months, we’ve paid close attention to detail, focusing our attention on click costs, finding cheaper keywords and most of all the conversion rates for over 100,000 keywords.

Every sale was costing Roy around £19.50 in clicks when we created the campaign. In August, that figure was just £10.07.

For every £10.07 Roy spent in August, a visitor bought something on his site.

You don’t need to knuckle down hard at school to realise that Roy is making around 90 sales a day just from Google, which is why he can easily justify spending £900 per day.

He’s not buying clicks, he’s buying orders.

If you’re ready to focus your attention and work hard, you will achieve great results too, just like my eight year old.

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