The Key To Social Media

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week we can publicly announce just how amazing we are and how exciting our lives are via social media. It is an unbridled medium for shameless self-promotion, but we love it, so what is the key to social media? Well it’s simple, and you don’t need social media training to be able to use these platforms successfully.

With over 1.4 billion active Facebook users and 75,000,000 Twitter account holders around the world, our fascination with learning about each others’ successes and failings know no bounds. But what happens when self-promotion stops turning people onto your social media account and instead turns them off?

Below are my three top tips for keeping friends and followers.

Friends & Followers Don’t Like FAKERS!

In reality, the online world isn’t that dissimilar to the real world in that we can sniff out a phony at 50 yards.

Overzealous tweeters or Facebook statuses that are almost too good to be believed will make people suspicious. The best way to ensure successful engagement with your friends or followers is to be real. Authenticity is something which 21st century living lacks on occasion but it is still the element of human nature that endears us to one another.

There is no harm is posting about your successes, but why overdo it? People are much more likely to engage with you and be supportive of your achievement if they can appreciate the time and effort for you to achieve such an incredible goal.

It’s also important to find the best time to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media that you use. This maximises engagement and ensures your audience will see your posts.

Be Interesting not Informational

We all remember school, textbooks were dull but teachers who made subjects come alive by informing us in an interesting way, kept our attention for hours.

The same principle applies in our ‘grown up’ lives and especially to social media. We are inundated every day with synced tweets or Facebook posts that link us to something someone else has written. But did you know 70% of friends and followers turn off when an automated message is posted?

To keep your friends and followers at a maximum, post messages which are interesting to you and will also be of interest to your friends and followers. Rather than just posting factual industry messages, expand – post something work-related that made you laugh or that courts opinion, it will engage people far more.

Value over Vanity

Whilst posting about yourself is easy, gratifying and interesting to you…what does it contribute to the lives of your friends and followers?

Make sure your posts have a value or that you think will make people laugh. Will they brighten someone’s day? Does it generate a discussion? Will it add value to someone’s life?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you will not only keep you friends and followers but also without knowing it will associate yourself with enhancing that follower’s life.  All these changes to the way you self-promote will take time, but remember engaging with people through social media is critical to your business success.

Whilst nothing will ever replace the gut feeling you get about someone when you meet them, it can be replicated online if you follow my three tips. Self promote the subtle way rather than ‘me, me, me’ and you’ll find there will always be someone on the other end of a post.

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