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The Garage Door Lie

Watching Property Ladder last night (a show about buying and developing property, if you don’t know it), I was dumbfounded (as was the host) by the developer of a ¬£650k house adding a double garage door to the front of the property, despite the fact that the area wasn’t large enough to get a car in and was used internally for storage.

Sure, it made the house look great. It completed the appeal of the property amongst it’s neighbours. The finish of the property was awesome inside and out.

The problem though, is that this makes a promise to a potential buyer and then fails to deliver. It’s a big damned lie, one that might just convey the wrong message and kill your potential sale. The buyer may not have even wanted a garage, but the seeds of doubt and mistrust are already planted.

There are many examples of simple untruths out there on the web too. Buy now, in stock! Click the ad, and land on a page all about the product you want to buy and guess what: awaiting stock! If you promise next day delivery, deliver it next day. Again, the customer may not even demand next day delivery – but you promised.

Don’t make promises you can’t fulfil – it WILL cost you sales and customers.

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