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SEO Letter To Santa


Dear Santa,

Life in the land of SEO has been hectic this year, which is why I would really appreciate it if you could find away to make these very small but important wishes come true for me this year…..

Google’s exact guide to their Algorithm
No one knows exactly what Google’s algorithm is apart from Google, so ideally a nice step by step guide on how to guarantee top positions in Google would be helpful.

Keyword research tool just for SEO
Could you get Google to give us a keyword research tool just for SEO? We know the traffic can be different when you’re working on Search Engine Optimisation and Pay per Click campaigns so this would be really helpful when it comes to picking keywords for a project.

Keyword data from Analytics
The keyword data from Google Analytics has been taken away so if you can, I would like to see this information back on the reports so we can easily show people how the work done has affected their traffic to the site.

A foolproof way to get rid of bad quality links
Many a time now I have spoken to people who have been affected by the Penguin update and they have told me that the Disavow tools has not worked for them when it comes to getting their bad quality links ignored by Google. I would like to ask for a guaranteed way to get rid of bad quality links that are affecting good quality sites that are not trying to cheat Google.

A Webmaster Tools Overhaul
Webmaster Tools is a great tool for SEO and we set this up for every client but I find there are categories that could be improved.

Upgrades on the tools we are using
It would be great if Google could give us some more SEO tools to play with and tell us what opportunities lie with them. How about giving us some more data within the tools we are already using as well?

I know it seems like a lot, but all these changes really would be for the greater good, so if you can help, I’d really appreciate it. I might even leave you an extra mince pie!

See you soon,

Adam Futer (Age 24)


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