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Our Digital Marketing Senior Strategist’s Letter To Santa


Here is our Digital Marketing Senior Strategist’s letter to Santa. What would you be asking for?

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy, this year. For Christmas I would like:

1) A way to link interaction between mobile and non-mobile traffic.

2) A social media platform that lies somewhere between LinkedIn and Facebook, where people would be interested in sharing work related niff-naff and trivia. (I know that’s probably Google Plus)

3) A better way to research keyword data than the Adwords Keyword Planner.

4) Jamelia – Well she is very pleasing on the eye and she can sing a tune too.

5) A better way to target “purse holders” with demographic targeted PPC.


If you could provide me with all the things above I promise that I’ll leave you 2 extra mince pies next year and if you can deliver number 4, I might even be able to throw in a cheeky milk and brandy!

Merry Christmas!

Antony Potts (Aged 43 and 3/4)




Now you have read our Digital Marketing Senior Strategist’s letter to Santa it’s time to think about what you would ask for from Santa to improve our job. Tell us in the comments too.

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