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Self Service Twitter Ads

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Thank you, Twitter. Finally, UK users have access to Twitter’s self-service ad platform to promote accounts and tweets to a targeted audience.

We love, at first glance;

    • Targeting users based on a range or combination of interests, the accounts they follow and their location. We love, even more, that the campaign performance is reported against each of these criteria to see where tweets are gaining the greatest engagement in terms of retweets, clicks and exposure amongst that audience and where you’re spending your budget, of course.
    • Selecting tweets from the account history to promote and being able to measure which of these has gained the greatest impact amongst each of those audiences, where money is being spent effectively and producing results and where it’s time to quit some tweets or audiences which aren’t gaining engagement.
    • Setting a campaign budget which is affordable for most small businesses. Our last enquiry to Twitter about running UK campaigns was met with a £15,000 minimum budget – way out of reach for 99% of the UK market. We tested Twitter’s ad platform with a budget of just £5 per day.
    • You only pay for the first engagement, but the analytics will report the Effective Cost Per Engagement. In plain English, this means that you’d pay for a retweet, but not replies or retweets of that tweet – you pay for the introduction, but every subsequent conversation which follows is free, but still calculated so that you can measure the value of spending money with Twitter. Very clever, Twitter, bravo.
    • The analytics. Very pretty, some excellent graphs and seemingly almost real-time data on which you can make business decisions about the effectiveness of your campaign and how to improve it. The data being segmented in to separate targeted audiences and even gender is even better – there’s some deep analysis in our very near future!


    • Lead generation cards. Beautiful idea and seems well-implemented. We’ve yet to test these, but we’re looking forward to trying them out.



    • Follower analysis data. Other applications deliver some of this, but presenting it directly from Twitter is awesome. There’s some great background data about your existing followers which will help target any paid activity far more effectively. Many of my own followers seem to follow @RichardBranson, which is interesting, but not unexpected – he should be flattered eh?


    • Delegated campaign management. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Delegating campaign management to an agency like ours is so much easier – lessons clearly learned from Google AdWords. I’m overjoyed to see this from the start (it’s the small things), although my nomination didn’t actually receive a notification email. “A-“, could do better.



Twitter Ads Wishlist

    • Scheduling. A day starts at midnight (d’uh) in your local time zone and a small budget disappears quickly in the wee hours. If you’re normal, you’re probably asleep and can’t engage. If you’re abnormal like me, you may be awake. Either way, there’s a good chance that you’d rather schedule promotion during a period where there are greater opportunities  for your offer or brand.
    • Location targeting. Simply put, the thousands of local shops, restaurants, theatres, tradespeople, charities and others just can’t make UK-wide promotion work for their business. Twitter desperately needs location targeting at city level as Facebook ads offers to make this a viable option for a huge potential market. (ed. Twitter Ads postcode targeting is now posible)

Twitter Ads Pro Tips

Create dedicated Tweets for your campaign and test three or four different versions of the same Tweet with the same link. Test it with an image and without. Test it with different hashtags – you’re trying to establish the Tweet which creates the greatest engagement, the most clicks and the greatest number of retweets and/or followers it creates.

Tag any links with Analytics tags so that you can track your campaign’s impact more effectively in Multi-Channel Funnels. You’ll be able to analyse the influence the buying or lead generation behaviour on your website which features paid activity from Twitter.

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