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Rapid Global Market Domination with Google AdWords

A new client approached us to create a campaign for a product they wanted to sell online in the UK.

Within two days of launching, we got a call to say how great it was going, and could we sell in the USA too?

“Aggressive, but sure,” we said.

Within a week, we had dedicated campaigns and web sites targeting the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and English campaigns targeting most western European countries.

Then the real fun started.

In just 10 short weeks, we’ve managed growth on a global scale providing web content translation and audio content in five different languages. We’ve created and managed native language Google AdWords campaigns in Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish and German covering over 25 countries around the world.

Sales have rocketed in a market which our client is fast becoming the dominant player. The growth and success has been so great that we’re already lined up to extend the coverage to Russia, the Netherlands and Greece.

But this hasn’t been plain-sailing by any means.

If you’re going to attempt such a feat, you’ll quickly discover that the culture and Internet search behaviour in each country can be significantly different.

Disregarding language for the moment, the way people search, the shopping cart they prefer, the delivery expectations and many other subtle differences can be a challenge – in mature Internet markets like the UK and USA, what might be considered bad practice could be only way to achieve any real success in France, Italy or Greece.

If you’re considering marketing online in a foreign language, we can deliver local, inside knowledge and managed services to help you hit the ground running and become the dominant player in your chosen market.

Call our foreign language team now on 08000 474714 to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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