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PPC Letter To Santa


Dear Santa,

Our PPC team has been really good at Tillison Consulting this year, so if you could find your way to grant us the things on this list, I’d promise we’ll be even better next year…..

1)  Improvements on Bing Ads:

Bing Ads is way behind AdWords in terms of its use, for example bid adjustments do not automatically sync. It’s just as complicated to perform search term reports as it is setting up conversion tracking. Please could you make it a much easier experience, like the one we get on Google Adwords?

2) Call Tracking on AdWords:

We still do not have concrete call tracking available on AdWords without using a third party. We do if people ring before they land on the site, but this is not ideal as the majority of people will want to click and view the site before they ring.

3) An easier way of adding in Broad Modified Keywords:

The default on AdWords keywords in an unmodified broad keyword, which can be matched to other loosely relevant terms, i.e beer can match for whisky, vodka etc. Modified broads force Google to use the exact term so they are much more accurate. At the moment it’s a pain to manually insert the + signs in front of the keywords so it would be much easier if there was a modified broad keyword available to choose from.

4) Cheaper options to advertise on YouTube:

At the moment it’s very pricey to advertise on YouTube meaning only big businesses are currently using it. There are a very select range of people it works for, but those it can, which are small businesses are priced out of the market at present.

5) Keyword Planner Changes:

In my opinion the keyword planner for Google AdWords is MUCH worse than the old keyword tool. Simple tasks like having all options available to you in a different keyword match type are unnecessarily complicated. I personally would like them to go back to the old format, which was much easier to perform tasks through.

We’d be so grateful if you could make these things happen Santa…..

See you soon,

Liam Ingram (Age 23)


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