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Officially a nice idea – but there is life outside the US!

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Official Google Blog: 9,000 and counting

This month, we passed the 9,000 mark for enterprise buyers of the Google Search Appliance and the Google Mini. That’s a great beginning, but we want to reach out even farther, which is why we’re embarking on a partnership with Ingram Micro, one of the largest global distributors of technology products in the world. Ingram has extensive reseller relationships that can help us deliver the power of search behind the firewall to businesses of all sizes, more efficiently and at a larger scale than we could on our own.

Not going as expected Google?

Could this be a classic diversification not going quite as well as expected? The mighty Google only sold 9,000 of these units? Really?

I’ve worked with both Internet software developers and in the hardware space, so I’m fairly well qualified in saying that they are wholly different routes to market in the most part. I find it difficult to believe that Google has taken so damned long to make this decision.

There is life outside the US

And come on, what about the rest of the world, there is life outside the US!

On a more commercial note, how does one go about telling Google about a fantastic idea for one of their products without missing a revenue opportunity?

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