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New Opportunity: AdWords Ads on Google Image Search

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Google just released a new opportunity; you can now display Image ads against Google Image searches.

This provides an ad platform somewhere between that of the Search and Display Network. That is to say, your display ad will be showing against a particular search query, rather than a theme of keywords as it does on the Display Network.

This helps advertisers in niche markets that can be difficult to target. For example, a sunglasses manufacturer could bid on the name of a celebrity and show an image ad for their product next to the image results, or a store that sells fashion shoes could show an ad for those specific shoes. Take care though – you’re still measured on CTR and therefore quality score.

The advantages of Image Search Ads:

  • Currently untapped opportunity (beat your competitors to the punch)
  • Catch customers early in the buying cycle (good quality traffic and influence through the buying cycle)
  • Higher CTR than is usually achieved with Display Network ads
  • More granular measurement of performance and ROI

Best Practice:

  • Create dedicated Ad Groups for clusters of related search terms as you would with Search
  • Split-test variations of your new image ads to see which achieve the greatest CTR
  • The landing page should include the image used in your ad
  • Use a simple image, without text, that conveys the “essence” of your product
  • Choose keywords that are relevant to the image and the ad text
  • Segment ad groups for high traffic terms, monitor impressions, CTRs and especially conversion rates and costs

Templates are available within the ad builder for ads, as they are with the Display Network.

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