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New AdWords Trick: Site Links

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How to create site links and why you should use them:

In recent months, Google has been adding new functions to the Google AdWords system. In particular, in many ads, you might have seen “ad extensions” appearing.

Ad Extensions refers to a number of ways in which you can add more to your AdWords ad. Some of these extensions are available now in your account and others are in beta, being tested by a limited number of advertisers.

The one you might be eligible for already is called “Site Links”.

The site links option allows you to show additional deep links in to your site to help the searcher find exactly what they are looking for. For example, you might want to show “special offers” or “clearance stock” or a subset of information or products on your site, for example – but you can show whatever you feel helps the searcher.

Firstly, the searcher gets to go straight to the correct page which improves the visitor experience.

Secondly, your ad will be much more prominent which increases CTR and in time should lower your cost per click.

How to add site links to your Google ads:

If your account qualifies for it, the option is available in the campaign settings tab:

  1. List up to ten links within your site, starting with the highest priority first.
  2. Google will use up to four of the links in your ads in addition to the existing Display URL.

What you should be aware of:

  1. Site links will only show where your ad provides the “best answer”. A little cryptic, but in our experience, this essentially means you have a MUCH higher CTR than everyone else bidding on that keyword. Typically, this is going work well if you bid on your own brand, for example.
  2. Site links will also only be shown in ads in top position with a high quality score.
  3. The site links option is set at campaign level, so you can’t set different site links for each ad, or for ads in a particular ad group.

There is no data on whether a particular ad displayed site links or not – you’ll have to just check it online. It will therefore be difficult to measure any improvement in performance once you added this function. However, we’d still recommend implementing it – it sure can’t do any harm to your CTR.

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