Music Videos On YouTube – Gone For Good?

Well, not exactly. But you’re going to have to pay for them. YouTube, owned by Google, have just announced that they’re going to be hiding all artist music videos depending on what record label they’re with. YouTube has signed contracts with some of the big record labels, but it also means that artists who are not signed to said labels will have their videos deleted.

In this fiercely competitive market where everyone has hopes of finding fame, a lot of young artists are turning to sites such as YouTube and SoundCloud to get themselves heard. With this no longer being the case with the popular video site, it may have catastrophic consequences for artists that rely on YouTube income and exposure.

So, what do you get if you sign up to this new way that YouTube are going to be running things?

Firstly, it’s said that it’s going to be ad free. We admit that’s good, but is it value for money to save watching a 30 second ad before listening to a bit of Beyoncé?

They’ve also said that users will have the option to download the song from YouTube depending on their price plan.

We speculate that the reason for this change is because of how accessible music is to listen to via YouTube. It means that artists aren’t receiving as many royalties than they would from a physical sale, and people are not even bothering to buy anything anymore because pretty much everyone has YouTube in their pockets, at work and at home on the laptop.

A world without upcoming artists who post their music certainly seems strange – it’s weird to think how people got ‘discovered’ pre-YouTube.

Many artists upload their music videos via Vevo, which has yet to be mentioned in this recent development so it will be interesting to see whether they’re still about after this change.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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