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LinkedIn PPC

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LinkedIn PPC is relatively new to the display marketing game. By offering businesses the opportunity to reach niche business audiences, it allows you to specify who sees your ad by company size, industry sector, job role and more. By narrowing down your audience you are much more likely to see a return on your investment.

Who should use LinkedIn PPC?

Due to the nature of LinkedIn it is best suited to B2B companies. Unlike Facebook which is a social medium, LinkedIn has a much more professional and targeted purpose. If you are looking to target UK base companies with more than 20 staff you can or if you are looking to target CEO’s you can target them too. It is important to remember however that PPC is Display Advertising not Search Marketing. Whilst you will always hit your target marketing audience, they are not going to buy from you straight away. The point of LinkedIn PPC is to raise brand awareness, improve your brand position and become familiar and trusted.

Why is not getting your audience to buy good?

Just like Google Ads, LinkedIn PPC works on a Pay Per Click basis, hence the initialism. Whilst your add will be seen many, many times by your target market audience, you will only be charged when someone clicks. The rest is free, but……there is always a but…… there are some points you should be aware of.

  • LinkedIn has a minimum budget of $10 per day.
  • Typical bids are currently around $2.35.
  • Spend is likely to be lower or even zero at the weekends, depending on your strategy and target audience. This is due to the nature of the people who use LinkedIn.
Under Construction

Whilst LinkedIn PPC is possible, it is still a relatively new addition to the LinkedIn display marketing profile. Those who already use Google Adwords campaigns are used to the wealth of data and metrics supplied, this isn’t so bountiful on LinkedIn. View-through conversion tracking isn’t currently an option making measuring the accuracy of influence impossible and whilst Conversion tracking is available it is limited to LinkedIn’s own contact method.Has Google spoilt us? Yes. But Google was young once too and I have no doubt that LinkedIn will catch up in time.

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