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Is MySpace Making A Comeback?

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As one of the forefathers of social networking, MySpace steadily fell out of favour towards the end of the last decade as new kids in the shape of Facebook and Twitter began to take over their block. But 18 months on with an X Factor inspired make over and celebrity endorsement in the shape of Justin Timberlake a come back of gladiatorial proportions is on the cards.

Launched in 2003 MySpace grew over the next 5 years to be one of the worlds largest social networks with grossing 125 million users. User pages were highly customizable and integrated widgets such as Slide and YouTube provided users with a way to engage worldwide with others based on shared content and culture. Riding the crest of a wave can only last so long however and by 2008 the once ‘Go To’ site began crashing down and floating away as powerhouse Facebook became the in thing.

After much financial and structural change Myspace was acquired by Specific Media for a reported US$35 million in June 2011. In conjunction with this, Justin Timberlake took ownership as part of this acquisition and has been pivotal in the reinvention Myspace’s future strategy and creative direction.

MySpace never ceased to exist, it continued to be used as a platform for musicians and artists to host their work and ultimately be discovered. The new owners have investigated this and developed it into, from what I can establish, the USP of the new look MySpace. Last week they released a teaser video as to what we can expect from the new incarnation and whilst I am still not entirely sure it doe look beautiful.

Take a look for yourself: This Is MySpace

Looking like a Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Mash Up, the new look MySpace will definitely turn heads. But will it’s new look and evolved functionality be enough to reinstate itself as a leading social network? I guess that is yet to be determined. The launch date is yet to be set but, Emily White, co-founder of Whitesmith Entertainment and Readymade Records, said “I don’t consider Myspace a social network, I consider it a one-page, informational destination.” If she’s right, could we be on the brink of a new social media dawn?

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