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Is Google AdWords Training for me?

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Google AdWords is just one of the many digital marketing services we provide here at Tillison Consulting. As one of our most successful services, we thought we would sit down and ask Senior Strategist Antony Potts and ask, exactly what is Google AdWords training?

Tell us… who is best suited to AdWords training?

The training we deliver is best suited to anyone who needs help with their AdWords account, but whose business doesn’t spend enough to make it worthwhile having it managed. Companies who successfully run their business on £5-£10 of budget a day would spend more on having it managed than they would in a month of AdWords budget if they were to outsource where as a few hours coaching can help them increase their customers and lower their costs.

Do you need a certain level of understand/skill in order to undertake the training?

You don’t need to have any specific Google AdWords knowledge but it is highly advantageous to have a solid level of computer literacy and be proficient with a spreadsheet.

What areas of AdWords does the training cover?

Our training sessions are all bespoke to each clients needs and are targeted to their level of understanding. Our training is reactionary so rather than cover old ground or coach you on irrelevant areas we use your account and deal directly with the problems you are having.

How does the training benefit a business?

Training is highly beneficial to companies as it not only teaches them to achieve their goals for less money but it also up skills a member of their team.

How much training is needed?

The amount of training a person would need is entirely dependent upon the persons skill level before they begin and what they need to learn in order to make the most out of Adwords for their individual case. It is important to stress though that throughout the training we will be working on your account. So whilst you are paying for training you are also improving your account in real time and learning how to effectively manipulate and change your own account for the better.

What should you do if you think training is for you?

If you think that training is something you could benefit from then get in touch. Give us a call or book a free consultation below.

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