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Affecting Businesses of All Sizes

The coronavirus (Covid-19) has spread in the media just as fast as the virus itself, and with lots of this centred on how this will affect businesses from all sectors and sizes, it’s important to try and remain as positive as possible during these difficult times.

In general owning a business can be challenging, without the impact of a worldwide pandemic and with people battening down the hatches, untimely business closures and event cancellations around the world it can be hard to see where the future of your business lies. Most of this is out of your immediate control, however, it’s important, as a business owner, to stay focused and deal with the areas of your business that you can have a direct impact on.

Over the past 18 years, the global market for businesses has grown exponentially and with more and more opportunities for firms to trade both locally, nationally and abroad the challenges of a worldwide pandemic are immense. With such an unknown situation developing almost daily then there are areas of your business that you need to be reactive to and other areas that you can work on, so that when this does pass, and it will, you will have a business that is stronger than ever.

Use This Time Wisely to Make Your Business Stronger

If orders/enquiries and sales are down and you have some additional time that you didn’t think you would have, then now is the time to act and to use this time wisely to create a solid business foundation that you’ve always planned on doing, but never had the time.

Here are some top tips from our MD Mark Tillison:

🦠 Those processes you’d been meaning to streamline, document and improve. Get on it now.

🦠 That marketing material and sales copy you’ve been putting off writing. Take some quiet time out and get it done.

🦠 The Google Ads account you were supposed to be optimising, but never got around to. Time to make those changes and assess the benefits.

🦠 The new product or service you were looking to launch. Research the market, define the benefits and USPs and get it ready to launch.

🦠 Those blog posts that were meant to demonstrate your expertise to your customers and clients. Get those in a queue now, ready for publishing.

🦠 The videos you were planning to put onto your Website or YouTube, to show you are an authority in your sector. Now is the perfect time to get cracking.

🦠 Clearing out all of those emails you were never realistically going to get around to actioning can go, clearing some space to focus on what’s important.

🦠 Read those email newsletters that looked really helpful but you never had the time to look at them properly.

🦠 Time to get inspired by the business book you were reading, but only got to page 12.

🦠 Time to fix the website to give your clients a better impression of your business.

🦠 Improve your SEO. Fix those meta-issues and the broken links.

🦠 Time to invest in relationships on Social Media and build lasting connections that will benefit your business.


The Bigger Picture

Businesses are starting to plan ahead for the future of 2020, if you don’t want to be left behind take the time now to care for your business and to action some of the things you’ve always meant to, but never had the time. There are many cases of existing and new businesses coming out of a global crisis in a stronger position and hopefully some of our tips above will help you to do this same.

Stay safe and we look forward to hearing about your successes in the future!


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