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Have Writing Skills, Will Work For Food

Some of the conversations which happen on Social Media can be extremely odd, especially if you’re talking to me at 1.30 in the morning, but occasionally, some real gems occur, like this one.
The discussion was taken out of the public forum in to private email, for obvious reasons and the names have been removed for privacy.

Career Prospector:

I am currently working as a web writer for a national magazine on their newly launched website, but I have been looking more and more into careers in digital marketing and job roles that focus on Social Media as I feel this is a huge strength and passion of mine.

I take care of online content, a Facebook page, a Google+ account and Twitter as well as sourcing my own news stories and taking SEO into consideration with everything I write. I also have my own blog and have contributed to a number of other websites in the past. All of these things I have noticed could be skills that transfer over to roles in digital marketing, so I was thinking of pursuing a career in this field this year.

I was hoping if you could perhaps let me know whether, in your professional opinion, this is a viable move for me.

My Response:

This made me smile. Thank you.

2014 is, as usual, a game changer for our industry as it is most years. If you scour the web for our industry, and not too deeply, you’ll find folks screaming about “Content Marketing” and “Social Engagement” and “Enchanting fans and followers.” Digital success for brands in 2014 will require a mix of technical SEO, paid advertising on both search and Social Media, great user experience on websites and of course great products. But the foundation for many will be engaging blog posts, video, infographics and images.

2014 will be the year of Great Content.

Your skills aren’t transferable, they are the skills brands need to succeed. There may be other areas you might need to strengthen up on such as Pay Per Click or technical SEO, but each of those demands a huge investment in time to learn and a significant effort to keep abreast of the changes and opportunities in the industry.

For example, we have a Specialist dedicated to Pay Per Click, one for SEO and one for Content and Social Media. Each allocates a significant number of days each month to the research and development of new skills and opportunities – it’s much too big a job for one person, you’d never deliver any work!

My advice would be to stick to the Content and Social Media and specialise in it, perhaps dabbling in some of the closest areas of Social PPC on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (you might like this: Self Service Twitter Ads).

I’m sure you’d have little problem getting in to an agency or an internal role with a larger organisation assuming you have some good experience on your CV. The marketing opportunities and therefore skills, change rapidly in our industry, so staying in touch with those changes is an important investment for any jobseeker.

Best of Luck!

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