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Google To Encrypt All Keyword Data

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Earlier in the week I came across this article by Pamela Vaughan, Google to Encrypt ALL Keyword Searches: Say Goodbye to Keyword Data Understanding the impact this could potentially have, below is my reaction to the news.

My Reaction

Rumours abound that Google are about to further their “fight against SEO”, by encrypting all keyword data, except that from paid ads. This would effectively prevent SEO experts giving their clients a worthwhile ROI. Obviously, we will still be able to calculate the rank of keywords and  estimate traffic from the keyword planner, but this is no where near as effective as showing which keywords lead to clicks and potentially conversions.

Google has already encrypted the data for searchers logged into their Google accounts, hence the increase in “not set” data in Analytics.

Google claim the reason for this move is to provide extra protection for searchers. (Some go further to suggest that Google is trying to prevent the NSA spying on their users).

Whatever the outcome or the reasons, it’s going to make the job of search engine optimisers that little bit more difficult.

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5 Responses

  1. Encripted Keyword data ultimately means that SEO should move to pages as we will get traffic page-wise and so we will have to optimise unique pages for marketing leads. And all powerful content will be strategically more important. Search Engines have already started to choose and find relevant contents from the article body than the meta descriptions. Time has come for simple and genuine write-ups. Bonafide content developers will win the race and searchers will be provided with more accurate results.

  2. And don’t be so sceptical about my spelling mistake ENCRIPTED… Google knows that I am a real person and will rectify such mistakes when fetching search results for “encrypted”. So now Google is pro-human.
    what will SEO experts do no?

    1. Neeraj
      Search engines do seem to be placing more and more emphasis on the article body content rather than the Meta tags, having said that the Meta data is still important and needs to be filled out but making sure it looks natural rather than keyword stuffed.

  3. yes Adam,
    I do agree.
    And with the coming of #hummingbird I think now results will be more accurate. e.g. if I search “what is Esop Valuation?”, Google will show a low ranking theoritical article with definition and methods and rules- regulations and will ignore a far more higher ranked and better SEOed page of some big Esop Valuation Consultants.
    What is your thought?

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